Arg Matey! It’s a Pirate party! Part 2 Decorations

The decorations for the pirate party were much simpler than my past parties. In large part because the games were a huge part of the decorations. But you will have to wait for the next post to see those!

On of my favorite go to decorations is wrapping my big paintings in bulletin board paper. I trace a themed picture on to the paper and paint the image with craft paper. If you have access to a computer projector you can just find a themed coloring page and project it on to the paper in order to trace. Since I have ZERO drawing skills that’s what I do. My sister on is amazing at free hand drawing.

For this party I did three pictures. N helped paint the treasure map. It was the most fun to paint.

Not Your Normal Steam - jolly rogerNot Your Normal Steam - ship
Not Your Normal Steam - treasure map

I love the Paper Doll Dress up cartridge from Cricut. I have used it for almost every kid party we have done. This party was no exception. I has everything you need for a pirate party.

  • Skull and cross bones
  • Pirate Ship (actually there are two)
  • Jolly Roger
  • Hook
  • Ship Wheel
  • Cutlass
  • Pirate Boy
  • Pirate Girl

I cut out several different images and put them on flags to hang around the house. Here’s the kitchen in the process of getting ready for the party.

Not Your Normal Steam - flags

I also love having the kids favors act as part of the decorations. The favor bags were from the dollar store and I just added the jolly roger.

Quilting fabric is another one of my party decorating tricks. You can almost always find quilting fabric in the theme or colors you need. And then you have more fabric afterward for quilting!

Not Your Normal Steam - favorsNot Your Normal Steam - favors15 space

What is a pirate party without a treasure chest. The treasure chest is paper mache chest from the craft store that was painted with brown and gold paint. I filled it with beads from the dollar store, ring pops, and Hersey nuggets.

Not Your Normal Steam - treasure

I always try to decorate the front walk so our guests can get into the festive spirit right away. The decorations for this party were super simple. Black and red duck tape made the treasure map path. Some leftover cardboard for a sign. And some window cling skulls to finish it off.

Not Your Normal Steam - front walkNot Your Normal Steam - front walk15 space

And last but my most favorite were the ships masts. The masts were made from 3/4″ PVC pipe, a queen size sheet cut to size (I needed a total of 4 sails), and a felt jolly roger. We made two smaller size masts to decorate the tables inside the house.

Not Your Normal Steam - mast

Tomorrow I’ll show you the food (this was my favorite part of the party)


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About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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2 Responses to Arg Matey! It’s a Pirate party! Part 2 Decorations

  1. Angel says:

    Your party décor is fantastic! I love it!
    I am curious, did you have any trouble getting the tape up off of your driveway and sidewalk? I want to copy this idea, but I am worried about it sticking too well. How did it turn out for you?

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