Finished by the Skin of My Teeth

Ms M and I have been talking about getting her tooth fairy pillow made because any day now her teeth were going to start wiggling. But there has always been so much to do that we just never got around to getting fabric and a design finished.

Well, lo, one of Ms M’s teeth got wiggly this week. Eeek! We had better get rocking on that pillow. Ms M and I had already discussed that she wanted a dinosaur tooth pillow. Earlier she had picked out one shaped like a brachiosaurus. But, unlike N who will make up his mind and keep it that way for years, Ms M’s ideas are much more like the wind. They flit about here and there, and you never know where they will end up.

So on the way to the fabric store the conversation went like this:

Me: M what kind of tooth pillow do you want?


Me: (thanking that the car windows didn’t blow out due to the volume of Ms M’s response) What kind of dinosaur do you want?

M: A parasaurolophus!

Me: (groaning internally, you just had to ask didn’t you! You couldn’t have lead with “do you want a brachiosaurus?” No, of course not, you had to lead with an open ended question). Ok. What color did you want it?

M: Um……… Red and green

Me: (Mentally slapping head. It’s going to look like Christmas!) Ok, well lets see what we can find when we get to the fabric store.

So Ms M and I hunt around and acutally find a red and green fabric combination that would work without looking Christmas-y. And then we find the PERFECT fabric. A teal, yellow, and green polka dot that SCREAMS dinosaur to both of us. But it wasn’t going to work with either the red or green that had already selected.  But then we found a deep blue sorta wood grain that was perfect. So off to check out we went and an hour or two later Ms. M had her tooth pillow.

Dino tooth pillow - back Dino tooth pillow - front15 space

And although we got it done before Ms M lost her tooth. It was all for naught. Because Ms M LOST her tooth. I mean really lost it. She doesn’t know when or where it came out. Oh well there’s always the 2nd tooth!

1st Tooth

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How to Celebrate Pi Day in Style!

March 14 may be the best geek day of the year. Why? Because its 3.14 which is also Pi.

But this year was extra special because it’s 2015 so this year’s Pi day was 3.1415! Sa-weet.

Oh, but wait! It gets even better. If you wished someone “Happy Pi Day!” at 9:26 with 53 seconds… then you’d have 3.141592653! A whopping 9 decimal Pi celebration!

So, to honor this once in a century event, Mr. Steam and I concocted the best all day Pi menu. Could we get to 9 digits in one day?

  1.  Ham and swiss quiche (aka egg pi)
  2. Broccoli and cheddar quiche 15 space
    Quiche aka Egg Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Quiche aka Egg Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  3. Chicken Pot Pi – I thought the crust decoration was appropriate!15 space
    Chicken Pot Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Chicken Pot Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  4. Spinach pi (bonus that this is one of Mr. Steam’s all time favorite meals)Spinach Pi
  5. Pizza pi – this was made much easier by getting the dough pre made from our favorite pizza place. All we had to do was roll out the dough and add our favorite toppings. We like doing it this way because everyone gets to make their own.
    15 space


    Ready for the oven


    Ready to eat

    15 space

  6. Pasty – OK, technically we didn’t make them, we just got them out of the freezer from our last pasty making extravaganza. But I am still counting it, because we got them out ON pi day.15 space
    Not Your Normal Steam - Cornish Pasty

    ready for the oven

    Not Your Normal Steam - Cornish Pasty

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  7. Banana Cream pi – Mom has been craving these recently, and we didn’t want her to be left out of the celebration, so the Mini Steams and I made these and dropped them off at her house. The Mini Steams helped make the pudding and did the assembly.Banana Cream Pi
  8. Ice cream pi – the kids won’t eat fruit pi, so we made these with two of the mini graham cracker crusts.Ice Cream Pi
  9. Raspberry pi – this is my all time favorite pi. I was worried that taking out a whole part of the crust (like I did with the chicken pot pi) would be a problem, so I just cut the shape. It turned out awesome.15 space
    Raspberry Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Raspberry Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

We did it! NINE, count ‘em NINE, different Pis!

Sure there are plenty of pis that we could have made, shepard’s pi, steak and mushroom pi, key lime pi, blueberry pi. The list goes on and on of both savory and sweet pis that we love here in the Steam house, but although both Pi and our love of pi is infinite, we had to draw the line arc somewhere.

A friend of mine suggested we should have had a pirate next to the two chicken pot pis, because then we would have had 2 pi arrrrrrrr. Mr. Steam upped the anti and said that the pirate should have had a square head. Since we missed that opportunity, Mr. Steam has declared that we also have to have pie on talk like a pirate day. I can’t say that I will complain about that!!!!

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First Quilt of Valor for 2015 – Designing the Quilting

I got the QOV top loaded on Millie, but I made a deal with myself that I wasn’t allowed to start quilting until I got our taxes ready. Sigh.

But the deal did NOT rule out DESIGNING the quilting!!!! HA! So I printed of a picture of one of the blocks and put it in a sheet protector and blatantly ignored the taxes!

I knew I wanted to do something special in the negative space. But I didn’t want to do any (or at least very little) marking.

I really liked the idea of making a circle around the block.


But I REALLY REALLY liked the idea of stars radiating from the red blocks. The only issue with this is I would have to mark the star because the only straight ruler I have isn’t long enough do do the whole star. So this one cool as it was, is out! Darn it.IMG_1572

I really liked the cheveron-ish shape in the bottom right. I could do different fills inside the shape. But it felt a little bit like it was competing with the piecing to me.IMG_1577

Diamond feathers. Meh.IMG_1576

Chevrons. So so.IMG_1573

I really kept coming back to the circle idea. Treat the diamonds like sashing. Feathers in the wreath. McTavish as fill? Not feeling it. The corners were calling for something.Designs (5)

Leaves to mimic the leaves in the fabric? YES!Designs (4)

Now to audition it on the actual quilt. So plastic down on the quilt top. Yep. This felt right.Design finalSigh. Now I have no more excuses. I have to go get the taxes done, I really want to get started.

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Pinterest Party Take 2! – Washi Easter Egg Canvas

The second item we worked on at our Pinterest party was a washi tape Easter egg canvas.

The concept was pretty easy.

1. Cut an egg shaped hole in the center of a pice of card stock. This is the template.
2. Center the template on your canvas and tape down the corners to keep it from sliding around.
3. Place the washi tape across the template to make stripes.
4. When the entire egg shaped hole is covered with tape, use an exacto knife to cut the edges of tape from the template.

Unfortunately, about 20 minutes later the tape started coming off the canvas.



Arg!!!! In fact some pieces of tape completely fell off.

Enter our friend ModPodge!


Two coats did the trick!


They did really turn out cute and look really nice together.


And we had so much fun in the process!


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Pinterest Party Take 2! – Easter Bunny Canvas

One of my friends invited me to a Pinterest party. Yahoooooo! Crafting with ADULTS?! Oh heck yeah!

But why take 2? Well, our first try was interrupted buy a trip to the ER for the host’s daughter. She hurt her arm just before the party started.

Of course we all went with to support mom. And let me tell ya, there was some seriously interesting people watching to be had! But that’s a story to be related over a glass of wine.

We decided on three pins to make. All three were Easter decorations.

First up was an Easter bunny canvas.







I love how different each on turned out. They were very easy to make.

1. Paint the whole canvas with silver or white shimmery paint. And let dry. You can speed up the drying with a hair dryer.
2. Cut out your bunny shape from vinyl or shelf liner. And put it on the canvas. Make sure to rub it very firmly, especially on the edges. You don’t want any paint to be able to get under it.
3. Paint the canvas in your favorite Easter color. Get creative. Try an ombré, or adding texture with a few different colors. At this point if you use a hair dryer be sure to have it on cool setting. If you have it on warm or hit it will shrink you vinyl and cause it to pull up. (Ask me how I know)
4. Once the paint it dry. Take off the vinyl.
5. Make a yarn pom pom and attach it with fabri-tac.
6. Make a garland with bakers twine and washi tape or scrapbook paper. Just fold the tape over the twine and cut to the shape you want. Drape the twine over the corner and attach on the back with some tape.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the egg canvases we made.

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First Quilt of Valor for 2015

Isn’t she a beauty?

When I was at my long arm guild meeting last weekend, I picked up two Quilt of Valor quilt tops. I got the first one loaded today. This is the first real look I have had. Now it’s time for the imagination to run.

What to quilt? What to quilt?


There’s lots of open space for playing. But I don’t have any firm ides at first glance.

No worries though. A bit of playing tonight with some dry erase markers and something is bound to speak up.

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Why did I wait so long?

So I have been quilting for over 20 years (good grief I can’t believe it!), and I have never tried an invisible quilt binding.


This is awesome. Yes it’s awkward to stitch and cut. But WOW! It looks so much cleaner!



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Rainbow Polka Dots – Baby Quilt Part 2

Of the 3 baby quilts that I did this month, I think this one is my favorite. And since it was for a quilter, I really wanted to have some fun with the quilting.

Rainbow Dots

So I decided to do the quilt as a quilting sampler. Each color would get a different treatment.

Purple got some paisley.
Polka Dots - PurplePiano keys on the blue.

Polka Dots - BlueA little McTavishing in the green.

Polka Dots - GreenNo sampler quilt would be complete with out some feathers!!!! (I LOVE feathers! But, you already knew that!)

Polka Dots - YellowOrange pebbles. You know, just because.  And because it matched the fabric so well.

Polka Dots - OrangeDiamond cross hatching on the red. I used the dots to measure them out.

Polka Dots - RedI also quilted the dots the same way. You can see all the wonderful texture on the back of the quilt. Now that my quilting is getting better I just love solid backs!

Polka Dots - BackBut the front just steals the show. This may, just may, be my favorite quilt ever. The binding was even done rainbow. About 12″ pieces of each of the 6 colors.

Polka DotsUnfortunately, the recipient loves it. Which means she’ll be keeping it rather than sending it back to me. Maybe I’ll just have to do it again in king size!!!

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Baby quilt – Airplanes Part 2

Last week I also finished this quilt top.

Airplane Baby QuiltI knew how I wanted to quilt the sky, and borders, but I hadn’t figured out what to do on the clouds. So I didn’t worry about it. I wanted to go back and change the thread for the clouds anyway. So I’d do all the border and sky, and figure out the clouds later.

The sky got some windy swirls. The border got piano keys. I figured you wouldn’t be able to see anything on it anyway since the fabric was so loud colorful. I didn’t do anything on the plane except ditch the outlines.

One thing that didn’t go as planned was the airplane cockpit. Can you see it? Yea. That’s because I FORGOT THEM!!!! So I guess these are drones. Grin.

But I did figure out the clouds. Overlapping spirals. I thought it looked like some of the cloud was in front and some in the back. You know, kinda like a real cloud.

Airplanes - details
I love how much movement the swirls add. I think those plane are going to fly out of that quilt any minute!Airplanes - detailsI sure hope the baby (and dad) like it.

And here’s the back.Airplanes - backNot I just have to find some energy to get these two baby quilt bound and get them off in the mail before the baby gets here!

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Fast and Modern Baby Quilts – Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. Part 2

Remember this quilt top that I finished last week? I really need to find a better place to take pictures. No matter how hard I try I can’t get the colors to come up true. Oh well.
Modern Fast baby quilt: Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.

I was pretty sure that I was going to quilt LARGE size pebbles in the center. But I hadn’t decided what I was going to do in the border.

I settled on simple piano keys. The large pebbles echo the circles on fabric. I loved how it looked as I was quilting it.
pebbles and piano keysHere’s how it looks finished.

I love how the letter totally pop off the quilt.

Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. Quilt -detail

Don’t you just want to lay on top of this and take a nap? I hope the new baby does!Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. Quilt -detail

The whole quilt. It just looks so happy. Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. Quilt

Here’s the back. Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat. Quilt -back
I love how this turned out. I can’t wait to see how it looks bound.

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