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Why I Create

People ask me ALL the time, how do you find time to do all you do – Cooking, crafting, work, kids? I find the time. When I can’t find the time, Mr. Steam finds the time for me. He makes … Continue reading

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Craft Cave – The Ever Evolving Space

A few years ago when M was born I had to move my craft space out of the spare bedroom and turn it into a nursery. But I had to have a craft space. And the only space that was … Continue reading

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Its all about the process – Taking the process pledge

Rosie at Fresh Modern Quilts has a challenge for us. To take the process challenge. I LOVE THIS IDEA! So many people ask me: “Shesh, Steam! Where do you get your ideas?” “How did you even come up with that?” … Continue reading

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DIY Sesame Street Gifts

Between the three week trip to Asia and how many hours I have been working there wasn’t much time to make presents for M. But I was able to whip up two gifts the day before the party. Each gift … Continue reading

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Homemade Christmas Ornament Countdown – Day 2

The 2010 was a lot of fun to make. And they were pretty quick too. Supplies: Permanent markers (I used my Bic markers) Clear glass ornaments Overhead transparency sheets StazOn Ink pad Holiday Stamp Glitter Clear drying glue Fake snow … Continue reading

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Quilt Blocks with a Magnetic Personality

Both kiddos are always very curious about quilting and want to help me when I am sewing. So I though it would be great to make something that they could use to make their own quilt. When I saw the … Continue reading

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Duck-a-Palooza – Part 4 Homemade Gifts

Being that M is a second child and both she and her brother are HORRIBLY spoiled I really struggled with what to get for her presents.  When I don’t know what to do I research.  Where? Why, Pinterest! Duh! Well … Continue reading

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Duck-a-Palooza – Part 1 Decorations

My daughter M turned two this June.  She loves rubber ducks. And I mean LOVES them. So of course her birthday had to be a duck theme. And since I am her mom, that means the duck theme was OVERBOARD! … Continue reading

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