Floral Cabin – Part 4 Finished and Delivered!

I just realized that I never showed you all the finished and delivered Floral Cabin! Shame on me!

Once I got the quilting done on this beauty, I met up with my cousin and her kids camping and she took it home to do the binding. The husbands held up the top so my cousin and I could take the pictures. I tell ya, there is nothing like natural light to show off the quilting.

This quilt is a MONSTER! The guys had a hard time holding it straight.

Floral Cabin

I just love how the quilting on the blocks turned out.

whole quilt (7)

The borders were so much fun to quilt. And I soooooo love feathers (can ya tell?)

whole quilt (5)

The back is just as much fun as the front. You can really see the two inner borders easier here. I wish I had been able to find a sold color for the back, then my Aunt could have had both a log cabin and a whole cloth quilt.

whole quilt (1)

Late last summer we had a family reunion and I got to see the quilt delivered to my Aunt. She was thrilled!

delivery (1)

Now in case you lost track, this quilt was made by 4 people and traveled to 4 different states. It started in Alabama where my Aunt and two cousins pieced it. Then it traveled to Wisconsin where I quilted it. After that the quilt made it’s way to Minnesota to get bound. Next, on to Tennessee to be delivered. And, finally back to it’s home in Alabama. That poor quilt must be tired. Good thing it gets to live on a bed!!!!

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Valentines from the store is crafty too

So every year I try to find something that we can have for a special valentine for the whole family. And every year I try to find special valentines that really represent each of the mini steam’s personalities. And every year the minis and I make a specifically designed valentines box just for that child.

That is until this year.

The kids and I hunted in Pinterest until we found just the right box. Something that was just what each child wanted. N picked out a Pokemon box and Ms M picked out a Paw Patrol box.

We scanned Pinterest pages and pages and pages and found just the right cards that made each child clap. Unsurprisingly, each child wanted cards that matched their box.

And then…


my craft mojo left. Don’t know where it went. Things have been crazy here at the Steam house for a while. And I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to get all of everything don that needed to be done.


The three of us went on a mission and picked out store. bought. cards. (Well technically they picked out store bought sticker packs, but still). And while we were there, I saw that they had prepackaged do it yourself boxes! And guess what?! The kids picked on of those out too!

And you know what? The kids had just as much fun assembling their own kit box as they did making their box from scratch. And they had just as much fun putting their friends name on the store bought cards. And it was still a craft that we sat down and did together.

 And really, in the end, it doesn’t mater if its from scratch. We all need to stay sane. The kids were happy. I was happy. So it’s all good.

And next year, if the kids want to make their cards and boxes from scratch, that will be fine. And if they want to buy kids, that will be fine too.


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52 Pie Challenge is in the Books!

Holly cow! I can’t believe that it’s been this long since I have posted on the blog. Ok, check that, yes, I can believe. Things are always crazy here, but they got really crazy between October and the end of the year. There was a trip to Mexico, a Halloween party, a gingerbread decorating party, a bunch of Christmas presents to make, and there were 14 pies to be made!

Yep, 14 pies. Because, back in March I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could make 52 different pies by the end of the year. The problem was in August I lost my pie mojo and quit. But, I am a sucker for a challenge, even if it is self imposed.

So in December I made 14 pies. Yep, 14 pies in one month. That’s just shy of one pie every other day. Frankly, I think the family will be happy if they don’t see another pie crust for a while.

It was a fun challenge though. And it was quite interesting to come up with pies that the whole family (or at least the majority of the family) wanted to eat. And I was pretty proud that 40 of the recipes were ones I have never tried before.

Here’s the breakdown:

Savory Pies:

  1. Pizza
  2. Broccoli cheese quiche
  3. Ham Cheese quiche
  4. Pasty
  5. Chicken Pot Pie
  6. Spinach Pie
  7. Spaghetti and meatball pie (recipe)
  8. Shepard’s Pie (recipe)
  9. Mini Hashbrown quiche
  10. Asparagus tart
  11. Pizza pudgie pie
  12. Meatball sub pudgie pie
  13. Chicken parmesan pudgie pie
  14. Ham and cheese pudgie pie
  15. Cheese pudgie pie
  16. Caprese pudgie pie
  17. Sausage, potato, spinach and green chili pie
  18. Tomato pie
  19. Chicken and corn pie
  20. Cheeseburger pie
  21. Taco Pie
  22. Steak and mushroom pie
  23. Potato and onion pie
  24. Mushroom and parmesan mini pies
  25. Pulled pork tart
  26. French onion soup tart
  27. Spinach and potato breakfast pie

Dessert Pies:

  1. Banana cream pie
  2. Ice cream pie
  3. Raspberry pie
  4. Lemon meringue pie
  5. Blueberry pie
  6. Chocolate covered strawberry pie
  7. Strawberry rhubarb pie
  8. Chocolate silk pie
  9. Strawberry cream pie
  10. Blueberry and black raspberry crostata
  11. Plum crostata
  12. Lemon meringue pudgie pie
  13. Banana bread and jelly meringue pudgie pie
  14. Blueberry pudgie pie
  15. Cherry pudgie pie
  16. Peach and blueberry pie
  17. Strawberry and Nutella pudgie pie
  18. Cream cheese and jelly (raspberry / rhubarb) pudgie pie
  19. Cherry limeade pie (recipe)
  20. Peppermint ice cream pie with chocolate ganache topping
  21. Mini apple pie
  22. Lemon and raspberry min pies
  23. S’mores Pie
  24. Chocolate mascarpone raspberry pie (recipe)
  25. Whoopie pie

Phew! That was a LOT of pies! And when I told several of my friends that I made it by the skin of my teeth, as the last pie was made on December 31!!! Were they impressed? Nooooo*! They just wanted to know what my challenge was for this year!

*Ok, they probably were impressed. Or just laughing on the inside. I am ok with either.

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Lego Party – Part 5 Games

The last, but to the kids THE most important part of the party… the GAMES!

Sometimes I feel bad about having so many structured games for the party. Because, I know often the kids just want to go and play. I try to make sure that at least 1/2 the party time is free play time. But this year, when the games were all over, one of the kids came up to me and said “What’s the next game???!!!!!” It was so sweet she was really disappointed when I told here there were no more. But, that disappointment didn’t last long as the kids ran off and made up their own games.

1. Build a Lego car

Lego Party Games - Build a Car

I always start the party with a craft. It lets the kids warm up to each other. Gives all the kids time to get to the party. And they have some kind of project to take home with them.

Building Legos was a natural for this party. Each kid got to pick a race car, tractor, or space rover. They were given a tray to help contain the Legos and keep from losing pieces.

I was worried about the younger kids. But everyone did a great job getting their vehicle put together.

2. Race your Lego car

My plan for the race was to use Hot Wheels race track. But, DUH! they were too narrow. But I still used them turned upside down as the lane divider. I just used some duck tape and mounted them to a board we had laying around. We propped it up a little and let the kids race!

Lego Party Games - Car race

Lego Party Games - Car race

All the kids LOVED it. There was much conversation about who’s car raced the best. Which lane was the best. Which style of vehicle was better for racing. Several rounds of racing ensued.

3. Build the tallest tower

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

I knew I wanted to have a build the tallest tower game. I had planned on doing it with regular Legos. But after building the decorations there were enough Duplos left for three towers. The good thing about Duplos is because of their size they can build a taller tower with less blocks. The awesome part of these Duplos is they are left from when my sister and I were kids and built Legos all the time!!!

The kids were split into three teams. They picked the teams themselves without any disagreements. Each team was given a box of Duplos with the exact same number and shape of blocks.

I told them it was not a race. They weren’t building for speed. The challenge was to build the tallest tower. They could use as many or as few blocks as they wanted.

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

The boys had some trouble. They put a very small piece as their base. And every time they got about 20 blocks up it would topple. Of course, they groaned and laughed, but they never changed their base. The best part was the help from the peanut gallery (i.e. the parents). With several mechanics and several engineers in the crowd there was lots of coaching. Of course, the kids ignored all of it!

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

The little kids did pretty good. They had the right idea with a wider base. Their team work was impressive. Lots of different ideas were shared and acted on.

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

But, the winner by far, were the girls (and little brother). Their tower NEVER fell. It just kept getting taller and taller. I think they used every block in their bin except two.

After picking up all the Legos on the floor it was time for the final game.

4. Lego mini fig scavenger hunt

Lego Party Games - Minifig hunt

I love scavenger hunts. I have them in some form or fashion for most parties. In the past though the kids got some clue and then there was some type of gift for each kid in one spot. This year, however, I thought the kids were old enough to find their OWN item. I wanted to hid the mini figs, but was worried about them getting lost in the yard. The pieces are so dang small!

I needed something to make the mini fig pieces BIGGER. I could just put the heads in a basket, the bodies in a different basket, the legs in a third basket. And give clues to where the baskets were hidden. But, frankly I couldn’t think of good clues. And I wanted a REAL hunt.

Hmmmm. What to do. What to do.

Well, I could put each piece in an envelope. Yea, that would work. And I could even put the kids name on the envelope. PERFECT!

So I got colored envelopes,  red, yellow, blue. And printed out labels with each child’s name. Each kid got a yellow (head and hat/helmet), a blue (body & tool), and a red (legs) envelope.

Before the party I hid the envelopes in the garden, in the branches of bushes, or stuck to lower limbs of the evergreen trees. It was a fairly wind free day, so all the envelopes stayed in place. I had thought about using some ribbon or yarn to tie them in placce, but it wasn’t needed.

Lego Party Games - Minifig hunt

It worked great. Everyone was running all over using up some energy. The envelopes had just enough color that you could just see them peeking out of their various hiding spots.

And the part I loved was more than one of the little ones came up to me and said “I saw XX’s envelope, but I didn’t take it, because that wasn’t my name. (then the whisper) And I didn’t tell him where it was either!”

All in all a MOST enjoyable party!

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Lego Party – Part 4 Food

This was by far the hardest part of the party to keep themed. Usually I am able to find food that can be built into the party theme. Sometimes both the appetizers and the dinner get themed. But this time I was at a complete loss.

There were tons of ideas for making individual crackers with cheese cut in circles to make Lego crackers. Or ideas to cut peperioni into mini pieces put them on pizza then cut the pizza into little Legos. Or make sugar cookies and use little candies to make Lego blocks. But there were 20 people coming to this party (including adults). There was no way I was going to make that much little Lego food!

So, I settled with using food that was either round or block shaped. And then serving the food bowls that were Lego colors.


Lego Party Food

  • Round slices of summer sausage
  • Cheese cut into rectangular cubes
  • Crackers both round and rectangular
  • Mellon ball salad, bonus they were round AND Lego colored
  • Cheese puff balls, seriously these things look like Lego heads
  • Veggies & dip, ok these were neither round or cubed, but they were Lego colors!
  • Ham and cheese rolls. This was the first time I made these, but I WILL make them again! They were AWESOME! You can find the recipe here. I made 2 modifications. 1) I used crescent roll sheets rather than pizza dough 2) I skipped the poppy seeds, I thought the black dots would creep out the kids.


Lego Party Food

Of course we had the Steam family standard punch –

  • 1 large container HiC punch (what ever color you need)
  • 4 liters Squirt
  • Ice

And then, erm, a few adult beverages.

I made the cups by cutting out vinyl with the same faces I used for the Lego heads. I am so glad I took the time to make them.


Lego Party Food

I usually make the kids favorite food. But this time N wanted pizza. Sa-weet! Less work for me!!! And considering all the decorations that went into this party, a break on the food was a welcome respite! Besides the pizza was round and some of it had round peperoni on it. So that counts. Right?!


I love making cupcakes for the kids party. They are easy to decorate. Easy to match the theme. And are SUPER easy to serve! No cutting required!

And do you know how many awesome Lego cupcake ideas there are out there?! TONS! Awesome!

But, for some reason, N wanted a cake! No cupcakes. GROAN!

And he wanted the cake to look like a Lego block. MAN! Do you know how hard that was going to be to frost?!!!


It wasn’t that bad.

Seriously, it wasn’t. There’s 3 tricks.

Lego Party Food

Here’s how it goes…

  1. Make two cakes using a 1/2 sheet pan
  2. Cut 1 cake in 1/2 to make the 4 x 3 Lego
  3. Cut the 2nd cake into 1/4s to make the 2 2 x 3 Legos
  4. Frost the 4×3 Lego cake first on the edge of the cake board. Frost all 4 sides and the top.
  5. The 1st trick – OREOS! Frost Oreos for the pips on the Lego. I frosted just the edge of one Oreo. Then I placed it on the cake and frosted the top of the Oreo. I kept going until all the pips for that cake were done.
  6. The 2nd trick – Place the cake in the fridge to harden the frosting. Once it has been in the fridge for about 1/2 hr you can start the next step.
  7. Frost the sides and top of one of the 2×3 Lego cakes on some wax paper or freezer paper. Then I used two big spatulas to pick the cake up off the paper and move it to the cake board. It was very helpful to have a second person to hold down the paper.
  8. Add the frosted oreos.
  9. Repeat for the 3rd cake.

Add in some Lego candles and VIOLA! Food for a Lego party!

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Lego Party – Part 3 Decorations

The decorations were best part of the party for me. I went CRAZY with decorations. Seriously, people, I had been planning this party for SIX, count ’em SIX years!!! I collected baby food jars (ok really only the baby food jars were the 6 year part), the kids helped collect lids from juice containers, we searched our box collection for just the right shape boxes to make over sized legos.

Baby food jar Lego heads.

First up, baby food jar Lego heads. I had been saving these jars I got from a friend for about 6 years just for this party. For about a month I couldn’t find the jars. Talk about frustrating! To have saved the jars so long and then not be able to find them. About a week before the party, in a place I SWORE I already looked I found them. Mr. Steam had quite the laugh at the happy dance that I did.

I ripped the paper labels off the jars, but, I needed to get all the glue off. So, I soaked the jars in screaming hot water and Dawn dish soap over night. That made the glue pretty soft and I was able to scrape almost all of it off with my thumbnail.

Then I watered down some yellow craft paint. I poured some paint in each jar and kept turning the jar until the paint covered the entire inside of the jar. Then I left them upside down in egg cartons to drain all the excess paint.

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

Once they were dry I cut out Lego faces from black vinyl and mounted them to the outside of the jars.

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

The lids were spray painted with yellow paint. I was pretty happy with the results. I made 10 jars and scattered them in different places around the house.

Paper Lego blocks and heads

I think that I cut about 300 dots for this party. I made two different size blocks and heads.

The large blocks and heads were made from a full 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper. These were created as one sided decorations because I knew they were going to be taped to the wall. The foam sticker dots weren’t big enough to support the large dots. So, I just cut some craft foam into squared and used my tape runner to attach it to the paper.

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

Ms. M thought the big Lego heads were a riot and wanted to copy the faces.

First there’s happy Lego M

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

Then there’s silly Lego M

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

Surprised Lego M

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

And finally angry Lego M

Lego Party - Decoration Prep

The small blocks and heads were made from 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ pieces of paper. These had to be made with dots or faces on both sides as they were going to be hung where people would be looking at both the front and the back. And since I made about 2 dozen of the little ones it meant lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of DOTS!!!! Thank goodness for my Cricut!!!

Lego Crafts

I got some really great ideas from Pinterest (are you surprised? really?) to use Duplo blocks for decorating. One was making the silverware and napkin holder from Duplos. And did you know that Duplos fit on a regular Lego base? I didn’t. But when I went to the store to get a Duplo base they told me. COOL! I only build slots for forks, knives, and napkins.

Lego Party Food

The other was to make a placard with the #8 on it. I used large paper clips and ribbon for the hanger. I looped it over a Command hook on the front door.

Lego Party Decorations

While I was building those I decided to build N’s name as a Duplo train. Didn’t that turn out cool?!

Duplo Name Train

Lego Shoe Boxes

Last year for Valentine’s day we make N a Lego card box. They were so easy to make we made 6 of them for the party. 2 blue, 2 red, and 2 yellow boxes. I forgot to take pictures while I was making them. But there’s not much too them, really just 4 things.

  1. Kids shoe boxes. We save those boxes for all sorts of different crafts.
  2. Lids from 2 liter juice containers (milk jug lids would work too). We saved those for MONTHS!
  3. E6000 glue. This stuff is like a combo of rubber cement and super glue. Its glues ANYTHING! And it dries really fast.
  4. Gloss Spray paint. The blue covered in 1 coat, but I needed to use a primer for the red and the yellow, because the text on the boxes kept showing through.

Lego Shoe Boxes

Mega Legos

The last decoration was making mega Legos from the paintings and other framed stuff we have in the house. I wrapped the paintings in blue, red or yellow wrapping paper. Then I used double stick tape to attach paper plates. Depending on the size of the painting I used dinner plates or dessert plates. I can’t believe how awesome they turned out.

Lego Party Decorations

I even wrapped the columns on the front porch! I love decorating the front walk and front porch. It really helps set the stage for the whole party.

Lego Party Decorations

Putting it all together

Between the hanging Legos and Lego heads, the Lego boxes, and the mega Legos. Oh, and of course, the actual Lego creations. The Lego vibe was EVERYWHERE!

Lego Party Decorations

Lego Party Decorations

Lego Party Decorations

Lego Party Decorations

Lego Party Decorations

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Lego Party – Part 2 Favors

Right after the invitations were done it was time to work on the favors.

1. Lego Crayons

I love making themed crayons. My kids don’t like using the broken nubs of crayons in our coloring bin. So we melt those down and make “new” crayons. And they go nuts for those. I already had the silicone mold from last years Valentine’s gifts.

Lego Crayons

2. Lego Coloring book

The coloring book was pretty easy. I went to the Lego site and down loaded a bunch of coloring pages. Then I printed them off and stapled them with a colored cover.

3. Lego Juice box

It was time to cut MORE dots. I bought red and blue juice boxes. Then just wrapped a piece of paper on the box and glued on the dots.

4. Lego Car

I knew I wanted to have a Lego car race. So I got a bunch of little cars for the kids. Most of them I got as “free” gift for ordering Legos through the Lego VIP program. I am always ordering Legos for birthday, Christmas so I only actually had to buy 2 cars.

5. Lego Mini Fig

I also wanted each kid to get a mini figure. I knew I was going to build them into a treasure hunt, I just wasn’t sure quite how. Many of the “free” cars came with a mini fig. So I only had to buy a few for the party.

6. Lego Bag

The toughest part of the favors were the bags. I couldn’t find the bags that I really wanted in red, blue and yellow. Every time I found a bag that I liked there were 2 of the 3 colors. Dag-nab-it! I found glossy bags, which isn’t what I wanted, but I was DONE looking!

To make the bags you need: a bag (duh!), a tape runner, carft foam, and circles cut from paper

Lego Favor bag assembly

I just cut the craft foam in squares that would fit on the paper circles. I used the tape runner to glue them on.

Lego Favor bag assembly

Then I laid out the dots on the bag to make sure they fit well. I used 2×3 dots, but you could adjust the number of dots for the size bag you have.

Lego Favor bag assembly

Then just use the glue runner to attach them to the bag! VIOLA!

Lego Favor bag assembly

The whole deal!

Lego Favors

Once you add a little bit of tissue paper, you have a favor bag that also serves as a decoration!

Lego Party Decorations

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Lego Party – Part 1 Invitation

Phew it has been a crazy summer! Tons of camping, lots of beach time, and lots of quilting. With all that fun to be had there wasn’t energy left for blogging. So I have LOTS of catching up to do!!!! Let’s get started!

As always birthday parties in the Steam house are serious affairs. This year N decided to have a Lego party. My sister and I were serious Lego builders when we were kids, but we were nothing like N, this kid is near obsessed with building.

The invitations are our first chance to set the atmosphere for a party. And our birthday invitations tend to be pretty labor intensive. You can check out invitations for previous parties to see what I mean!

But this time the invitations were a SNAP!!!! I can’t believe how fast they were to put together. I just cut out 6 dots using Cricut basic shapes and use foam dots to attach. I made both red and blue versions.

Lego invitation

Then the inside was done with various fonts and some Lego images.

Lego Party Invitation

Now if only everything else for this party would be so simple!!! Alas, it wasn’t.

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Pulling Tractor Party – Part 4: Games

The games  and craft  for this party were a real challenge. What games can you do for a tractor pulling party? I try to keep the games low cost. They need to work with kids between 5 and 8. And the need to keep the kids MOVING!!!

I did look into renting some kiddy puling tractors but that didn’t work out. So, we did the best we could to keep it farm and tractor themed.

1. Tie Dye Shirts

So what do tie dye shirts have to do with tractor pulling? Well not a lot. But we always start the party with a craft. I have always wanted to try tie dying. So we got John Deere green, New Holland blue, and Case IH red. The kids picked what tractor colors they wanted and if they wanted a striped or spiral shirt.

I was going to have the kids dye their own shirts, but I chickened out and didn’t want the kids clothes to get ruined.

Tractor party games: Tie Dye Tractor party games: Tie Dye
And while you were waiting to pick out your shirt colors, why not climb around on our tractor?!
Tractor party games: Tractor Rides
2. Toss the Tater

Throwing things in a bucket is an easy party game. And I just adjust the thrown item to fit the party theme. Normally I make the thrown item out of felt, but potatoes are cheap and we used them 2x at the party. Small red potatoes were just the right size for tossing.

Tractor party games: Toss the Tater Tractor party games: Toss the Tater

3. Chickens flew the coop

This one was easy. Think Easter egg hunt! I hid 18 plastic egg around the yard before the party. Then I told the kids that the chickens on our farm are free range which means the eggs could be anywhere. I needed their help to find them so we could bring the eggs to market.

Tractor party games: Flew the coop
Much running and hilarity ensued!Tractor party games: Flew the coop
The kids even found all 18 eggs. Mr Steam will appreciate that next time he has to mow!Tractor party games: Flew the coop

4. Fill the duck pond

Another hide and hunt game. Before the party I hid about 30 small rubber ducks in the yard. M’s 2nd birthday party was rubber duck themed. I got about 100 ducks for that party, and believe it or not we have used them for some game or another for almost every party since then.

For this game I told the kids that someone left the duck pen gate open and all the duck got lose. I needed their help getting them back in the pond so we could keep farming.

Tractor party games: Fill the duck pond
More running and hilarity. However, I don’t think all the ducks are accounted for. I am sure Mr. Steam next time he mows. (I promise no real ducks have been or will be harmed.)Tractor party games: Fill the duck pondOh and do you notice Ms M in the background? Yep, she’s slowly wandering around with her cup of punch. You wouldn’t want to run, you might spill the punch. Evidently she felt that as the farm manager she should just supervise.

5. Fix the tractor

Tractor party games: Fix the tractorBasically a variation of pin the XXX on the YYY. I cut out a tractor wheel for each kid and they needed to “fix the tractor” by putting the wheel on. After all you can’t get much farming done with a tractor that is out of commission.

6. Tractor races

Believe it or not we don’t own a pedal tractor. I think it is the one and only self powered riding toy we never got for the mini-steams. I know, I know, we are horrible parents. HORRIBLE. But I had a friend that was willing to lend us his. We hooked it up to the tricycle trailer (yea, no pedal tractor, but we have a trike with a trailer. So there!), the kids had to load 5 potatoes in the trailer and race to the market to sell them.

Tractor party games: Tractor Races
The kids were super excited for this one and there was much jostling for who got to go after the birthday girl.Tractor party games: Tractor Races
It was so fun to see how each child handled the race. Some with utter concentration and determination.Tractor party games: Tractor Races
Ms. M boisterously laughing with joyTractor party games: Tractor RacesOthers trying to get those potatoes to market as FAST as possible!

Tractor party games: Tractor RacesFinally, no self respecting tractor party (or any party at the Steam’s house) would be complete without a tractor ride. Or several tractor rides. Mr. Steam shuttled the kids from game to game in the tractor. Which was awesome, because it gave me some extra time to get the next game set up.

Tractor party games: Tractor Rides

All though I did have a hard time getting the “pull” in the party, there was no doubt it was tractor themed. And, more importantly, everyone had a great time.

Tractor party


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Pulling Tractor Party – Part 3: Food

As is often the case (or Case IH – Tee hee!) the food is my favorite part of the party. And what’s great is I almost always server the same appetizers, the mini-steams and I just come up with different names for them.

First off appetizers

Train Party Appetizer Table

  1. Farm Fresh Egg – Deviled eggs
  2. Chicken Feed – Chex mix
  3. Barn Yard – Animal crackers
  4. Pig Pen – Mini pigs in a blanket
  5. Hay Bales – Tortilla roll ups
  6. Case Pulling Tractor – Carved watermelon with a honey dew melon sled
  7. John Deere Veggies

Most of the appetizers were pretty standard fair. The only hard parts (and they weren’t very hard) were the two tractors.

The watermelon tractor was super easy. Basically I cut off the front, back and sides of the watermelon. Then I cut off the top, but left the bottom rind attached. I cut off a rectangle to make the front of the tractor. The tractor was very wobbly, so I shaved of some of the bottom rind, just enough to make a flat spot.

I attached the ends of two oranges to make tractor wheels and attached them with toothpicks. I made the front wheels smaller. You can’t see in the picture, but the front has 1/2 a honey dew melon ball as headlights. And there is a celery stalk stack.

The sled was just a emptied out honey dew melon rind filled with fruit salad. The wheels are pieces of watermelon rind I cut out with a biscuit cutter. I had to use my meat tenderizer mallet to get through the green part.

Watermelon tractorThe other fun part was the tractor veggie tray. I covered a cookie sheet in tinfoil. Then I cut out 2″ strips of cardboard from a box. I covered the strip in aluminum foil. I taped the foil covered cardboard down to the base. Two different sized ramekins made the wheels.

Tractor trayThen on the day of the party I filled the tractor with all green veggies and the ramekins with black olives.

Veggie tractorThen the kids dug thru their toy boxes to see what extra tractors we could come up with for additional decorations. (Notice the tractor fabric??!!!)

TractorsThe cupcakes also get set out on the appetizer table. I know a lot of parties do a whole dessert table with lots of themed candies. But, I’d rather have more veggies and fruit. So the desserts are kept to cupcakes.

Ms M, prefers chocolate cupcakes. But, N won’t eat chocolate cupcakes. Sooo……the chocolate cupcakes were topped with mini chocolate donuts spare tractor wheels.

Tractor wheel cupcakes
And the yellow cupcakes were topped with Rice Krispy Treats hay bales.Hay bale cupcakesAnother simple trick I use to give the table setting some height is to wrap a larger can of tomatoes (or some other canned food) in theme colored paper. I set the cupcakes on top. Easy peasy!

Next up drinks:

Train Party Drink Table

  1. Kids drink – Tractor Fuel (One 2 liter bottle of 50/50 + 1 container Hawaiian punch colored to match the party)
  2. Non-alchocolic beverage – Country Fresh Lemonade (one pitcher was plain and one was mixed with strawberry simple syrup)
  3. Beer – Daddy Fuel

I also set out a sharpie so everyone can write their name on their cups. Oh and it’s hard to see in the picture but more cool tractor fabric. Definitely seeing a tractor quilt or 3 in the future.

Finally dinner:

Normally the themed food stops with the appetizers and the drinks. But this time the kids and I came up with some themed main course food.

  1. Tractor pulled pork
  2. Tractor wheel mac n cheese (double bonus – super kid friendly and Ms M’s favorite meal EVER!)
  3. Barnyard baked beans
  4. Grandma’s potato salad

M’s party which is in the summer, dinner all has to be able to be able to be prepared ahead and served in a crock pot. There is too much going on with presents and kids games to worry about getting dinner put together and it’s just too hot to have something in the oven or on the stove.

Finally, tomorrow I’ll show you M’s favorite part – GAMES!!!!!!

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