Spooktacular Fun!

A friend of mine participated in a round robin. I don’t know how you feel about round robins, but they are nerve wracking for me. From my experience you either end up with a quilt that is greater than the sum of its quilters, or you end up with a disaster.

I think my friend’s round robin fell into the earlier. But you judge. (I promise the floor was very clean, we had just vacuumed before I put the top down.)

Halloween Round robin (2)

When I saw this top I asked my friend if I could quilt it for her. I knew the second I saw it how I wanted to quilt it. I was so excited when she said YES!!!!

I knew I wanted to treat each border a little bit differently. And I was going to be so much fun because both the black and green borders were solid fabrics and they were BIG! So there was going to be lots of room to play.

The outer most border was a very busy print, and it had a bit of fullness. So I used a 1″ piano key. It’s a quick and easy border and it great at eating up extra fabric.

In the black border was my first chance to play. I did a mix of pebbles, swirls and paisleys.

black border (2)

The broom got some variegated yellow thread to make it look more like straw.

black border (1)

I did all swirls off the back of the broom. That thing needed to look like it was flying after all.

black border (3)

The blocks were a lot of fun. The crazy log cabin blocks got a spiderweb. That was super quick to quilt up and required no marking or rulers. The characters got diagonal lines.

Blocks (1)

The green border had TONS and TONS of room to play. First I cut out some Halloween shapes from card stock.

green border (1)

green border (2)

Then I traced those with blue water erase marker. And quilted them.

green border

green border (5)

I just love how they look! Then I filled around them with McTavishing and pebbles.

green border (6)

I thought it would be fun to quilt in some steam and bubbles on the top of the cauldron.

green border (10)

The words got either echos or pebbles to help them pop.

green border (4)

The green was by far my favorite.

green border (11)

green border (80)

green border (82)

There wasn’t much room in the purple border, and there were some pretty tight spots around the ghosts. Pebbles are great for getting into tight spots and you can vary the size to make them more interesting.

Purple border

The most inner border had some interesting round flowers. I wanted to do some 1/2 circles, but I didn’t have a circle template. But I was REALLY REALLY determined to find a way. I had remembered reading about quilters using lids from pots. THAT’S IT! I went thru my craft supplies of small jars and found a spice jar lid that was just the perfect size!

circle template

The center panel I did some cross hatching, but of course I forgot to get pictures of that. -Sigh-.

I sent the quilt back to my friend and it was a hit! The cat even likes it!

Halloween Round robin


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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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5 Responses to Spooktacular Fun!

  1. Tammie says:

    Wow! I can only dream of quilting like you do! Beautiful job!!! SEW glad I found your blog!

  2. Tammie says:

    May I ask, how did you cut out your halloween shapes?

  3. I love my quilt…and all the little “extras” you added just made it pop so wonderful….I am very excited for Oct. to arrive so I can pull it out and use it!! Thank you again sooo much…it is beyond wonderful!

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