Valentines from the store is crafty too

So every year I try to find something that we can have for a special valentine for the whole family. And every year I try to find special valentines that really represent each of the mini steam’s personalities. And every year the minis and I make a specifically designed valentines box just for that child.

That is until this year.

The kids and I hunted in Pinterest until we found just the right box. Something that was just what each child wanted. N picked out a Pokemon box and Ms M picked out a Paw Patrol box.

We scanned Pinterest pages and pages and pages and found just the right cards that made each child clap. Unsurprisingly, each child wanted cards that matched their box.

And then…


my craft mojo left. Don’t know where it went. Things have been crazy here at the Steam house for a while. And I just couldn’t figure out how I was going to get all of everything don that needed to be done.


The three of us went on a mission and picked out store. bought. cards. (Well technically they picked out store bought sticker packs, but still). And while we were there, I saw that they had prepackaged do it yourself boxes! And guess what?! The kids picked on of those out too!

And you know what? The kids had just as much fun assembling their own kit box as they did making their box from scratch. And they had just as much fun putting their friends name on the store bought cards. And it was still a craft that we sat down and did together.

 And really, in the end, it doesn’t mater if its from scratch. We all need to stay sane. The kids were happy. I was happy. So it’s all good.

And next year, if the kids want to make their cards and boxes from scratch, that will be fine. And if they want to buy kids, that will be fine too.



About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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