Lego Party – Part 5 Games

The last, but to the kids THE most important part of the party… the GAMES!

Sometimes I feel bad about having so many structured games for the party. Because, I know often the kids just want to go and play. I try to make sure that at least 1/2 the party time is free play time. But this year, when the games were all over, one of the kids came up to me and said “What’s the next game???!!!!!” It was so sweet she was really disappointed when I told here there were no more. But, that disappointment didn’t last long as the kids ran off and made up their own games.

1. Build a Lego car

Lego Party Games - Build a Car

I always start the party with a craft. It lets the kids warm up to each other. Gives all the kids time to get to the party. And they have some kind of project to take home with them.

Building Legos was a natural for this party. Each kid got to pick a race car, tractor, or space rover. They were given a tray to help contain the Legos and keep from losing pieces.

I was worried about the younger kids. But everyone did a great job getting their vehicle put together.

2. Race your Lego car

My plan for the race was to use Hot Wheels race track. But, DUH! they were too narrow. But I still used them turned upside down as the lane divider. I just used some duck tape and mounted them to a board we had laying around. We propped it up a little and let the kids race!

Lego Party Games - Car race

Lego Party Games - Car race

All the kids LOVED it. There was much conversation about who’s car raced the best. Which lane was the best. Which style of vehicle was better for racing. Several rounds of racing ensued.

3. Build the tallest tower

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

I knew I wanted to have a build the tallest tower game. I had planned on doing it with regular Legos. But after building the decorations there were enough Duplos left for three towers. The good thing about Duplos is because of their size they can build a taller tower with less blocks. The awesome part of these Duplos is they are left from when my sister and I were kids and built Legos all the time!!!

The kids were split into three teams. They picked the teams themselves without any disagreements. Each team was given a box of Duplos with the exact same number and shape of blocks.

I told them it was not a race. They weren’t building for speed. The challenge was to build the tallest tower. They could use as many or as few blocks as they wanted.

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

The boys had some trouble. They put a very small piece as their base. And every time they got about 20 blocks up it would topple. Of course, they groaned and laughed, but they never changed their base. The best part was the help from the peanut gallery (i.e. the parents). With several mechanics and several engineers in the crowd there was lots of coaching. Of course, the kids ignored all of it!

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

The little kids did pretty good. They had the right idea with a wider base. Their team work was impressive. Lots of different ideas were shared and acted on.

Lego Party Games - Tallest Tower

But, the winner by far, were the girls (and little brother). Their tower NEVER fell. It just kept getting taller and taller. I think they used every block in their bin except two.

After picking up all the Legos on the floor it was time for the final game.

4. Lego mini fig scavenger hunt

Lego Party Games - Minifig hunt

I love scavenger hunts. I have them in some form or fashion for most parties. In the past though the kids got some clue and then there was some type of gift for each kid in one spot. This year, however, I thought the kids were old enough to find their OWN item. I wanted to hid the mini figs, but was worried about them getting lost in the yard. The pieces are so dang small!

I needed something to make the mini fig pieces BIGGER. I could just put the heads in a basket, the bodies in a different basket, the legs in a third basket. And give clues to where the baskets were hidden. But, frankly I couldn’t think of good clues. And I wanted a REAL hunt.

Hmmmm. What to do. What to do.

Well, I could put each piece in an envelope. Yea, that would work. And I could even put the kids name on the envelope. PERFECT!

So I got colored envelopes,  red, yellow, blue. And printed out labels with each child’s name. Each kid got a yellow (head and hat/helmet), a blue (body & tool), and a red (legs) envelope.

Before the party I hid the envelopes in the garden, in the branches of bushes, or stuck to lower limbs of the evergreen trees. It was a fairly wind free day, so all the envelopes stayed in place. I had thought about using some ribbon or yarn to tie them in placce, but it wasn’t needed.

Lego Party Games - Minifig hunt

It worked great. Everyone was running all over using up some energy. The envelopes had just enough color that you could just see them peeking out of their various hiding spots.

And the part I loved was more than one of the little ones came up to me and said “I saw XX’s envelope, but I didn’t take it, because that wasn’t my name. (then the whisper) And I didn’t tell him where it was either!”

All in all a MOST enjoyable party!


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