Pulling Tractor Party – Part 4: Games

The games  and craft  for this party were a real challenge. What games can you do for a tractor pulling party? I try to keep the games low cost. They need to work with kids between 5 and 8. And the need to keep the kids MOVING!!!

I did look into renting some kiddy puling tractors but that didn’t work out. So, we did the best we could to keep it farm and tractor themed.

1. Tie Dye Shirts

So what do tie dye shirts have to do with tractor pulling? Well not a lot. But we always start the party with a craft. I have always wanted to try tie dying. So we got John Deere green, New Holland blue, and Case IH red. The kids picked what tractor colors they wanted and if they wanted a striped or spiral shirt.

I was going to have the kids dye their own shirts, but I chickened out and didn’t want the kids clothes to get ruined.

Tractor party games: Tie Dye Tractor party games: Tie Dye
And while you were waiting to pick out your shirt colors, why not climb around on our tractor?!
Tractor party games: Tractor Rides
2. Toss the Tater

Throwing things in a bucket is an easy party game. And I just adjust the thrown item to fit the party theme. Normally I make the thrown item out of felt, but potatoes are cheap and we used them 2x at the party. Small red potatoes were just the right size for tossing.

Tractor party games: Toss the Tater Tractor party games: Toss the Tater

3. Chickens flew the coop

This one was easy. Think Easter egg hunt! I hid 18 plastic egg around the yard before the party. Then I told the kids that the chickens on our farm are free range which means the eggs could be anywhere. I needed their help to find them so we could bring the eggs to market.

Tractor party games: Flew the coop
Much running and hilarity ensued!Tractor party games: Flew the coop
The kids even found all 18 eggs. Mr Steam will appreciate that next time he has to mow!Tractor party games: Flew the coop

4. Fill the duck pond

Another hide and hunt game. Before the party I hid about 30 small rubber ducks in the yard. M’s 2nd birthday party was rubber duck themed. I got about 100 ducks for that party, and believe it or not we have used them for some game or another for almost every party since then.

For this game I told the kids that someone left the duck pen gate open and all the duck got lose. I needed their help getting them back in the pond so we could keep farming.

Tractor party games: Fill the duck pond
More running and hilarity. However, I don’t think all the ducks are accounted for. I am sure Mr. Steam next time he mows. (I promise no real ducks have been or will be harmed.)Tractor party games: Fill the duck pondOh and do you notice Ms M in the background? Yep, she’s slowly wandering around with her cup of punch. You wouldn’t want to run, you might spill the punch. Evidently she felt that as the farm manager she should just supervise.

5. Fix the tractor

Tractor party games: Fix the tractorBasically a variation of pin the XXX on the YYY. I cut out a tractor wheel for each kid and they needed to “fix the tractor” by putting the wheel on. After all you can’t get much farming done with a tractor that is out of commission.

6. Tractor races

Believe it or not we don’t own a pedal tractor. I think it is the one and only self powered riding toy we never got for the mini-steams. I know, I know, we are horrible parents. HORRIBLE. But I had a friend that was willing to lend us his. We hooked it up to the tricycle trailer (yea, no pedal tractor, but we have a trike with a trailer. So there!), the kids had to load 5 potatoes in the trailer and race to the market to sell them.

Tractor party games: Tractor Races
The kids were super excited for this one and there was much jostling for who got to go after the birthday girl.Tractor party games: Tractor Races
It was so fun to see how each child handled the race. Some with utter concentration and determination.Tractor party games: Tractor Races
Ms. M boisterously laughing with joyTractor party games: Tractor RacesOthers trying to get those potatoes to market as FAST as possible!

Tractor party games: Tractor RacesFinally, no self respecting tractor party (or any party at the Steam’s house) would be complete without a tractor ride. Or several tractor rides. Mr. Steam shuttled the kids from game to game in the tractor. Which was awesome, because it gave me some extra time to get the next game set up.

Tractor party games: Tractor Rides

All though I did have a hard time getting the “pull” in the party, there was no doubt it was tractor themed. And, more importantly, everyone had a great time.

Tractor party


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  1. treadlemusic says:

    You are awesome!!!! That series was the best!!!!!!!

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