Pulling Tractor Party – Part 3: Food

As is often the case (or Case IH – Tee hee!) the food is my favorite part of the party. And what’s great is I almost always server the same appetizers, the mini-steams and I just come up with different names for them.

First off appetizers

Train Party Appetizer Table

  1. Farm Fresh Egg – Deviled eggs
  2. Chicken Feed – Chex mix
  3. Barn Yard – Animal crackers
  4. Pig Pen – Mini pigs in a blanket
  5. Hay Bales – Tortilla roll ups
  6. Case Pulling Tractor – Carved watermelon with a honey dew melon sled
  7. John Deere Veggies

Most of the appetizers were pretty standard fair. The only hard parts (and they weren’t very hard) were the two tractors.

The watermelon tractor was super easy. Basically I cut off the front, back and sides of the watermelon. Then I cut off the top, but left the bottom rind attached. I cut off a rectangle to make the front of the tractor. The tractor was very wobbly, so I shaved of some of the bottom rind, just enough to make a flat spot.

I attached the ends of two oranges to make tractor wheels and attached them with toothpicks. I made the front wheels smaller. You can’t see in the picture, but the front has 1/2 a honey dew melon ball as headlights. And there is a celery stalk stack.

The sled was just a emptied out honey dew melon rind filled with fruit salad. The wheels are pieces of watermelon rind I cut out with a biscuit cutter. I had to use my meat tenderizer mallet to get through the green part.

Watermelon tractorThe other fun part was the tractor veggie tray. I covered a cookie sheet in tinfoil. Then I cut out 2″ strips of cardboard from a box. I covered the strip in aluminum foil. I taped the foil covered cardboard down to the base. Two different sized ramekins made the wheels.

Tractor trayThen on the day of the party I filled the tractor with all green veggies and the ramekins with black olives.

Veggie tractorThen the kids dug thru their toy boxes to see what extra tractors we could come up with for additional decorations. (Notice the tractor fabric??!!!)

TractorsThe cupcakes also get set out on the appetizer table. I know a lot of parties do a whole dessert table with lots of themed candies. But, I’d rather have more veggies and fruit. So the desserts are kept to cupcakes.

Ms M, prefers chocolate cupcakes. But, N won’t eat chocolate cupcakes. Sooo……the chocolate cupcakes were topped with mini chocolate donuts spare tractor wheels.

Tractor wheel cupcakes
And the yellow cupcakes were topped with Rice Krispy Treats hay bales.Hay bale cupcakesAnother simple trick I use to give the table setting some height is to wrap a larger can of tomatoes (or some other canned food) in theme colored paper. I set the cupcakes on top. Easy peasy!

Next up drinks:

Train Party Drink Table

  1. Kids drink – Tractor Fuel (One 2 liter bottle of 50/50 + 1 container Hawaiian punch colored to match the party)
  2. Non-alchocolic beverage – Country Fresh Lemonade (one pitcher was plain and one was mixed with strawberry simple syrup)
  3. Beer – Daddy Fuel

I also set out a sharpie so everyone can write their name on their cups. Oh and it’s hard to see in the picture but more cool tractor fabric. Definitely seeing a tractor quilt or 3 in the future.

Finally dinner:

Normally the themed food stops with the appetizers and the drinks. But this time the kids and I came up with some themed main course food.

  1. Tractor pulled pork
  2. Tractor wheel mac n cheese (double bonus – super kid friendly and Ms M’s favorite meal EVER!)
  3. Barnyard baked beans
  4. Grandma’s potato salad

M’s party which is in the summer, dinner all has to be able to be able to be prepared ahead and served in a crock pot. There is too much going on with presents and kids games to worry about getting dinner put together and it’s just too hot to have something in the oven or on the stove.

Finally, tomorrow I’ll show you M’s favorite part – GAMES!!!!!!

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About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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3 Responses to Pulling Tractor Party – Part 3: Food

  1. treadlemusic says:

    I just ate supper and I’m hungry….again!!!! That party is an awesome idea!!!!!!

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