Smarty End of Year Teacher Gifts

So late last week I realized the end of the school year had snuck up on me yet again! Holy cats! I was going to need a teacher gift for 10 teachers (2 kids, school, day care, PE, music, etc) that I could do in a VERY short time.

The mini Steams and I did some brainstorming. I tossed out an idea, but the mini Steam’s were unimpressed. The Ms. M threw her fist in the air and declared that she had an idea

Ms. M: We should get them a BOOK! We should get them a book that they want but don’t have and no one else will get them.

Me: M that is a brilliant idea!!! Lets keep that in mind, but lets see what other ideas we can come up with.

I loved the idea of getting a gift certificate to the local bookstore, and I love that my 4 year old daughter came up with it all on her own. I wanted to see if we could come up with a homemade gift that the kids could help make. Then I found a fun Pin.

Me: Oh, guys look at this. What if you and Daddy made homemade cookies (I don’t make cookies. That’s Mr. Steam’s job) and we gave the teachers a few of them along with a card that said “Thanks for making me such a smart cookie!” What do you think of that.

N was not to fond of that idea. And then all of sudden he got a light in his eyes. You know that trouble maker glint? Yea, that one.

N: No! I have a better idea. We should get some Smarties candies. Give the teachers some of them and a card that says “Thanks for making me a SMARTY PANTS!!!!!!!” Bwahahahahahaha!

Of course the two of them couldn’t stop laughing for many many minutes. I wasn’t going to be able to back out of that one. So we compromised.

While I was at my quilt guild meeting Mr. Steam and the Minis make chocolate chip cookies. I stopped and got Smarties on the way home. Then we made these:

First N put a few homemade cookies in the gift bag.

Adding the cookiesThen Ms M put a few Smarties in the same bag.

Adding the Smarties

Then we tied up the bags with some cute bakers twine and added the card.

End of Year Teacher Gift

They were pretty happy that they helped make the teacher gift this year. I am pretty proud of their creativity!Proud kiddos Proud kiddos

Now I have to get my aunt’s quilt done, get the quilts done for the camper and pull of Ms M’s 5th birthday! No rest for the crafty!!!!!


About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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3 Responses to Smarty End of Year Teacher Gifts

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Great idea and homemade is always appreciated!!!!! Yum!!!!

    • I agree!!!! And its a snack that can be enjoyed rather than another knicknack that just takes up space! We already got one compliment from a teacher on creativity and they were not surprised that the mini Steam’s came up with the idea.

      • treadlemusic says:

        No surprise here, either! As much as I love to quilt/make items, there are those moments when too much is too much! And, besides, who doesn’t love homemade choc. chip cookies????????

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