National Railroad Museum

Poor Mr. Steam. His train passion doesn’t get nearly as much air time here as my quilting and cooking do. Of course he could get more air time if he posted.

Ok, I’ll wait while you catch your breath from laughing.


Our spring break was this last week and we decided to just take a short trip up to Green Bay. Nothing big. A few days at a water park, maybe a tour of Lambeau Field, a visit to the National Railroad Museum.

We love the museum. We usually make a quick stop on the way up to my favorite place to vacation – Door County. But, it’s always a QUICK stop. This trip we actually spent quite a bit of time there and everyone had a blast.

When you first come in the museum there is a room where they display their temporary and traveling exhibits. In the past the exhibits are a hit or miss for me. My favorite was a display of railway dinnerware. Ah-maze-ing!!!!

But my jaw about hit the floor when I walked in the room. I was a display of toy trains. And not just any old toy trains. But the Lionel Enameled trains. MY VERY FAVORITES!!!!!

Lionel Enameled Trains Lionel Enameled Trains - Milwaukee Road 04-07-2015 Lyonel enamel trains (7) Lionel Enameled Trains

And N wanted to pose with “Mommy’s favorite train – BIG BOY!”Lionel Enameled Trains and a Big BoyThe pictures just don’t do them justice. They are so wonderful. I would love to have just one set for display. (They are too big to run on our layout.)

Next up is the display room with the full size trains. And front and center is the star! The BIG  BOY 4017. This is my favorite train. It is so huge. I just can’t imagine what it would be like to hear / see one run.

Big Boy - 4017We also got to see the newly restored Dwight D Eisenhower. This engine and the cars were used by General Eisenhower as his command train during WWII. It sure looks great! What an incredible piece of history.

Dwight D EisenhowerThey also had a very revealing display about the Pullman Porters and their struggle to organize a labor union. I am not sure Mr. Steam would have been able to get a birth set up nicely. Grin.04-07-2015 daddy in a pullmanWe skipped the engines in the outdoor shed as I was feeling under the weather and it was a cold and blustery day. So we headed over to the depot that they have set up for the kids. We haven’t been able to visit this before. I didn’t get any pictures here as I was having too much fun watching the kids play. They have a pretend steam engine that the kids can shovel coal and be an engineer. There are dress up clothes to add to the experience. There’s also a wooden train table and train set. And even some large train cargo cars that the kids can load with livestock and other goods. And we didn’t notice until we were on the way out they have a big table with a train game all set up to play. We’ll have to do that next time.

If you are ever in Green Bay and looking for something to do with the kids, I highly recommend stopping by!


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