How to Celebrate Pi Day in Style!

March 14 may be the best geek day of the year. Why? Because its 3.14 which is also Pi.

But this year was extra special because it’s 2015 so this year’s Pi day was 3.1415! Sa-weet.

Oh, but wait! It gets even better. If you wished someone “Happy Pi Day!” at 9:26 with 53 seconds… then you’d have 3.141592653! A whopping 9 decimal Pi celebration!

So, to honor this once in a century event, Mr. Steam and I concocted the best all day Pi menu. Could we get to 9 digits in one day?

  1.  Ham and swiss quiche (aka egg pi)
  2. Broccoli and cheddar quiche 15 space
    Quiche aka Egg Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Quiche aka Egg Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  3. Chicken Pot Pi – I thought the crust decoration was appropriate!15 space
    Chicken Pot Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Chicken Pot Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  4. Spinach pi (bonus that this is one of Mr. Steam’s all time favorite meals)Spinach Pi
  5. Pizza pi – this was made much easier by getting the dough pre made from our favorite pizza place. All we had to do was roll out the dough and add our favorite toppings. We like doing it this way because everyone gets to make their own.
    15 space


    Ready for the oven


    Ready to eat

    15 space

  6. Pasty – OK, technically we didn’t make them, we just got them out of the freezer from our last pasty making extravaganza. But I am still counting it, because we got them out ON pi day.15 space
    Not Your Normal Steam - Cornish Pasty

    ready for the oven

    Not Your Normal Steam - Cornish Pasty

    Ready to eat

    15 space

  7. Banana Cream pi – Mom has been craving these recently, and we didn’t want her to be left out of the celebration, so the Mini Steams and I made these and dropped them off at her house. The Mini Steams helped make the pudding and did the assembly.Banana Cream Pi
  8. Ice cream pi – the kids won’t eat fruit pi, so we made these with two of the mini graham cracker crusts.Ice Cream Pi
  9. Raspberry pi – this is my all time favorite pi. I was worried that taking out a whole part of the crust (like I did with the chicken pot pi) would be a problem, so I just cut the shape. It turned out awesome.15 space
    Raspberry Pi Before

    Ready for the oven

    Raspberry Pi

    Ready to eat

    15 space

We did it! NINE, count ’em NINE, different Pis!

Sure there are plenty of pis that we could have made, shepard’s pi, steak and mushroom pi, key lime pi, blueberry pi. The list goes on and on of both savory and sweet pis that we love here in the Steam house, but although both Pi and our love of pi is infinite, we had to draw the line arc somewhere.

A friend of mine suggested we should have had a pirate next to the two chicken pot pis, because then we would have had 2 pi arrrrrrrr. Mr. Steam upped the anti and said that the pirate should have had a square head. Since we missed that opportunity, Mr. Steam has declared that we also have to have pie on talk like a pirate day. I can’t say that I will complain about that!!!!


About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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