Train Tree Skirt – Adding the detials

Now that the main portions of the train cars were assembled and stitched down to the quilt top it was time to add some details.

The first detail I worked on where the wheels. There were 40 wheels for the whole quilt top. That was a lot of circles to cut out. And I really wanted them to be round. VERY round. The best way for me to get the round was to use my Cuttle bug and Nestabilities dies. It cut perfectly round wheels. Plus, believe it or not, steam engines have tires. Now, the tires are steel, but they are tires all the same. The tires were usually painted white so that any cracks were easier to spot. So of course both engines also had to have tires. So even more circles needed to be cut.Tires

I really like using cookie sheets to keep all my applique pieces together.1489

After taking all that time to cut out tires, I decided that it would be easier just to use a satin stitch to make the tires. I also free motioned on the engine number and name.Daylight engine Finished

On the tender I drew out the name before free motion stitching it. All the applique pieces are sewn down with a blanket stitch.Daylight tender finished

Both the passenger car and parlor car names were marked with my high school drafting stencils. (Yes, I still have them. I am a horrible pack rat. You just never know when you will need something!)Daylight passenger car finshedDaylight parlor car finished

The 1003 is a SOO line engine that is stored very near our house. Mr Steam gave me advice on what equipment pieces to add and what details to add. Before the accent stitching was added it hardly looked like a steam engine. But now it looks SOOOO much better.1003 engine

I had fun doing the $ SOO logo. I drew it first in chalk pencil and then free motion stitched it. I thought the tender still needed a little something and then noticed from the picture that there were hand rails on the back. Much better!1003 Tender

The box car is modeled after an old fashion wooden box car. I really like how it turned out.SOO Box car

And last, but not least is the SOO line caboose.SOO cabooseAll that detail work took forever. Blanket stitching down the wheels and satin stitching in the tires took about a full day. The rest of the accent work went much faster. Both Mr Steam and N say that it looks like a real train.

And bonus, this weekend I got to show off the skirt to one of the 1003’s owners. He was super impressed. And hey, if he likes it, then it must look pretty good!

Now that all 3 tree skirt tops are done… Let the quilting begin!!!!

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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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