The 1 Week Quilt – Part 5 Fill for the Flower Blocks

The only thing that was left on the quilt was to do the fill on the 4 flower blocks. I knew that I would just outline the flowers and maybe trace the inner petals. But I needed to do something in the brown faux border and fill in the cream.

1 week quilt - piecingI had no idea what I was going to do in the blocks at all. I hadn’t been to worried about it because usually as I am quilting the quilt lets me know what it wants. In this case it wasn’t saying much.

So I moved the quilt to a block. And just stared at the block. I decided that I would do my favorite – Feathers (’cause really are you surprised?). I did BIG feathers in the brown faux border. But they looked too big and empty to me. So I went back through them and added a center stem. MUCH better.

1 week quilt - flower block

For the cream center areas I really wanted to try McTavishing. I have been practicing it A LOT on paper. Pretty much whenever I am sitting down I have a pen in my hand and am practicing. But I haven’t had the guts to try it on a quilt.


I think its time to try.

I am so glad I did. I am THRILLED with how it looks. It was really quick to quilt. It provided GREAT texture. And it played nicely with the fabric to make it look like someone painted the fabric. It looks like the texture of an oil painting to me.
1 week quilt - flower block 1 week quilt - flower block 1 week quilt - flower blockWith the quilting all done…. It looks like this:

1 week quilt
I was thrilled with the texture, the feathers, the mix of formal and informal quilting. It was all just right.

I didn’t like how the border just kind of went off into forever because of it being such a light color. But I had already planned on using the burgundy fabric as binding. I felt confident that it would help frame the quilt.

So I bound the quilt. Put it in the wash. And my heart broke. I thought there might be a chance that the burgundy would bleed. So I checked the quilt for pink before putting it in the dryer. There was no pink in sight so I threw it into the dryer. When I pulled it out there were blue grey streaks all over the border and occasionally on the feather blocks.
1 week quilt
At first I thought it was from the wash out blue marking pen. However, the marks weren’t any where close to where I marked the quilt. If the marks were bleeding from the fabric I would have expected it to be more close to the color that bled rather than in streaks. I was stumped.

But, Mom was going to start her treatment and I wanted her to have her quilt. So I gave it to her anyway. I figure at least since it was already stained then she wouldn’t feel as bad about taking it to the hospital. She of course claimed that the bleeding gave it character and loved her quilt.
1 week quilt

Next I have to get ready for our annual pumpkin carving party!!!! I can’t wait!

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