The 1 Week Quilt – Part 4 Feather Block Quilting

If you recall from the design post, this was my concept for the feather block.
1 week quilt - design

I really didn’t mark much, just the center and 1/4″ from the edge in the corners.
1 week quilt - feather block

Then I echoed the petal shape and finished up the cross hatching. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
1 week quilt - feather block

Once those were done I changed thread and started the feathers. First I used the same variegated that I had used on the borders. It looked HORRIBLE! The thread was variegated was: blue, green, red, yellow on a 1″ interval. While those colors looked great on the border these feathers were MUCH smaller. There were single feathers that were only 1″. So there were feathers that were all yellow, and feathers that were mostly yellow. They completely disappeared on the fabric. Which made the feathers look like they were missing parts. Ug!

Now what? Tap, tap, tap. I liked the blue and green feathers. So what if I used a dark solid? Much better!!!!
1 week quilt - feather block

What to do about those feathers I already stitched? Well if it was for a customer, if it wasn’t for my deadline I would have ripped them out. But this was for Mom. It was meant to give her comfort. So, yep, I stitched over those offending feathers with the brown. And yes, you can see it, IF you know it’s there (dang it, I spilled the beans again) and IF you look REALLY hard. So I didn’t loose any sleep over it.

On to the fill inside the petals. I thought pebbles would be too informal. I could do a stipple, but I already know how to do a stipple. I wanted to try something I hadn’t done before. ECHO!
1 week quilt - feather blockLove how it turned out.

Next up, those darn flower blocks. I STILL hadn’t decided what to do with those guys. Sigh. Tick Tick Tick.

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