The 1 Week Quilt – Part 3 Border Quilting

With the piecing done it was time to get down to some serious work. The design and piecing took up all the “extra” time over the weekend. So the quilting had to be finished in my few hours in the evening between when the mini-steams went to bed and when I couldn’t stay awake any longer (sometimes that time is MUCH shorter than it really should be).

I knew the feathers would go super fast. But I wasn’t sure how long the ruler work would take. And I hadn’t even decided on a fill for the flower blocks.

I used two layers of 80/20 for batting. There were two reasons 1) I wanted some great texture on the quilt and 2) I wanted it to be really warm. Recently Mom has been getting cold pretty easy, and I have heard that the treatment rooms are pretty chilly.

So out come the rulers to make the arcs in the border. I started on the corners because those arcs needed to be 3/4 of a circle and it would be hard to adjust if any fudging was required.
1 week quilt - bordersBut I did design the border to fit the arc ruler that I had so that I would fit an exact number of repeats. Yea. That had been the design. Only I forgot to account for the ECHO of the arc. So I was off by about 3/4″ to fit a full arc in the center.

Eh, not a huge issue. I already had lots of practice using my compass with a blue marker on the second QOV quilt. And the circles weren’t so different in size as to be noticeable.
1 week quilt - borders

Here’s a picture of the top border with their piano keys added. Doesn’t that texture look great?! The 2 center arcs are about 3/8″ smaller, but you would never know unless I told you. Oh, wait, I just did. Dang it.
1 week quilt - borders

Now that the frames were done it was time to add the feathers. I decided to add the feathers using a variegated thread. I wanted to pull some color from the flowers back into the border. I was really happy with that decision. But I wanted the center feathers to look more like a flower. A little bit of thread painting to add a disk. It was just the right touch.
1 week quilt - borders

1 week quilt - borders

1 week quilt - borders

Borders done, now it’s time to move on to the feather blocks. Clock is a tickin’!

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