The 1 Week Quilt – Part 1 Design

The Steam family got some pretty shocking news. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. Within weeks of the diagnosis she was in surgery to have the tumor removed. The plan had been that about 4 weeks after surgery chemo and radiation treatments would begin. All of this happened while working on putting the finishing touches on the Police Birthday for N. I knew that as soon as the party craziness was over I wanted to make a quilt for mom that she could take to her chemo treatments to keep her warm. And also so she’d be reminded of all the people who love her and are saying prayers for her.

However this only left me ONE week to design and finish the quilt. PHEW! Not much time. But I thought I had a good chance of pulling it off.

I knew that the piecing would have to be kept to a minimum if I wanted to get this done in time. I also knew that I wanted to showcase the quilting. And to keep things fast I wanted to use fabric I had in my stash so I could get started immediately.

I had bought this panel quite a few years ago with the intention of making a quilt for mom, but never got to it. Perfect. They could add a lot of pop and color without any piecing.

1 week quilt - designI used the same panel to make this quilt and it was super fast and just about the size I was looking for, but it didn’t have any space to showcase the quilting. I’d need a different design.
1 week quilt - design
I played for a bit on EQ until I cam up with this. The cream squares would actually be the flower blocks from the panel. Then the bordered blocks and the quilt border would leave room to showcase some nice feathers. Each block is 16″ with a 6″ border. 62″ square, just a smidge bigger than I was aiming for, but still in the general size range. Layout done!
1 week quilt - designNow about that quilting. I stole borrowed some of the kids easel paper and started drawing. I knew I wanted to do some ruler work and some feathers. I just LOVE curved cross hatching so that was a must. I tried out 2 feather versions. I thought the echoed feathers looked nicer.

1 week quilt - design

For the quilt borders I knew I wanted a swag style look. I was happy with design of the feathers, but couldn’t decide between piano keys or curved cross hatching. I liked both. I was torn. Eh, I could make this decision once I started quilting.
1 week quilt - design

I showed the quilting design to Mr. Steam and he just started laughing. He went over and grabbed a book and turned to this picture. That bridge looks an awful lot like the arc with piano keys doesn’t it?! Too funny, because that engine is the Big Boy. My VERY favorite steam engine. Well, there ya go, piano keys – or train bridge it is!
1 week quilt - designThe entire design for the top and the quilting took less than 2 hrs. I have never had a quilt design to come together that fast. Time to move on to the piecing.


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2 Responses to The 1 Week Quilt – Part 1 Design

  1. Joy says:

    I’m so sorry your mom has cancer. Your quilt design is beautiful and it will mean so much to her to have it with her during her chemo. Best of luck to her.

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