All Points Bulliten – Policy Party – Part 4 – Games

The final (and N’s favorite) part of the party – GAMES!!!!

I had a pretty hard time coming up with games for the party. N didn’t want an investigation party or crime solving party. To him being a police man is all about the police car. Ugh!

Thankfully, N had lots of ideas for the games. In fact pretty much all I came up with was the treasure hunt, reveal the robber, and the craft. The other games were all N’s ideas! Sniff, sniff – proud Mom moment!

Craft: Make your own Police ID and Badge

As with all my parties we do the craft first. This works well because it gives the kids time to warm up to each other. And it gives them something to do while waiting for all the party guests to arrive.

The police ID was printed out before the party. The kids colored the police person and put it in the ID holder.

The police badge was cut out of pieces of glitter foam sheet. They picked out which colors they wanted and helped punch the hold for the brad that held all the pieces together. The brad was put through the badge, then one side ID holder. Then inside the holder it was opened up to hold everything together.

Police Party Games - Police Party Games - Police Party Games -

Game 1: Reveal the Robber

“As police officers you often have to look at evidence and try to solve the crime. (yea, yea, I know N didn’t want crime solving.) There are four criminals who stole some of the food from the party! We need to figure out what was stolen and who stole each item.”

There were four bowls that had crumbs of food, four evidence bags with the stolen food, and pictures for 4 criminals. The food included: peanuts, cookies, sausage, and cheese. The criminals were of course a mouse, dinosaur, cookie monster, and a bunny.

Each child got to match one piece of evidence. Until all the crumbs, evidence, and criminals were matched up.

Police Party Games - Police Party Games - Police Party Games - Police Party Games -

Game 2: Case of the Cash Crook

I love  scavenger hunts, and we almost always have some form of scavenger hunt.

“Police officers! I just got a call from dispatch, a crook just stole some cash from the bank! Quick get your evidence bags and lets see what’s going on!”

(Everyone under the age of 12 runs at full speed to the castle bank, everyone over that age meanders slowly in that direction.)

“Look the bank has been robbed. But it looks like the crook left evidence. We have to track the evidence to find him.”

(Yea, yea, I know no solving crimes. But seriously what was I supposed to do?)

“Which direction do you think the crook went?”

Police Party Games -

And off a whole slew of kids went following the very large foot prints.Police Party Games -

“Hey, look the foot prints stop. I bet the crook dumped the stolen gold so that he could get away.” Hidden inside the rhubarb patch was a basket of small money bags with Hershey nuggets which they put in their evidence bags.Police Party Games -

“Dispatch called again. There has been a car theft. I bet the crook stole a car so that he could try and get away. Do you see where they car might have gone?”

(This time the slew of kids went following the “tire” tracks.)

Police Party Games -

“Oh no! It looks like the stolen car was in an accident. And look, the police dogs were here! Everyone get a police dog.”Police Party Games -

“It looks like the crook is back on foot. See if your police dog can track the bad guy down.”Police Party Games -

“Good job officers! I see you have found the crook after all! Quick get him in jail before he gets away again!”Police Party Games -

“See that crime just doesn’t pay!”Police Party Games -

Game 3: Hot in Pursuit

This game was a joint concept between N and I. He wanted kids to chase each other on bikes and pull over people going to fast. I thought it would be safer to have them ride one at a time through an obstacle course.

We made a jail out of a card board box, and made a criminal mask for one of Ms M’s dolls. Then Mr. Steam scrounged up some traffic cones. The jail was at the beginning of the obstacle course and the criminal doll was left at the other end. The kids had to ride in and out of the cones, pick up the criminal and ride back to put her in jail.

Police Party Games -

It was a little concerning how happy Ms. M was that her doll entered a life of crime. Hmmmm. I think I’ll have to keep a close eye on this one!Police Party Games - Police Party Games - NotYourNormalSteam.wordpress.comPolice Party Games -

My favorite part of this game was the various method the kids employed to put the criminal in jail.

There was the “drive by and drop”Police Party Games -

The “toss n go”Police Party Games -

And finally my favorite, the “slam her in the slammer!”Police Party Games -

Game 4: Red Light Green Light

This was totally N’s idea. Wahooo! Good thing, because I was plum out of ideas. I made the signs from some card stock and dowel rods. Each party goer got a turn to be the officer.

Police Party Games - Police Party Games - Police Party Games - Police Party Games -

 Game 5: Cops and Robbers

Simply put: TAG! Only caveat, was once the robber was caught they were brought to JAIL!!!

Police Party Games - NotYourNormalSteam.wordpress.comPolice Party Games -

PHEW! And there you have it! The whole Police Birthday Party! Now on to planning the pumpkin carving extravaganza!!!

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2 Responses to All Points Bulliten – Policy Party – Part 4 – Games

  1. Anna says:

    THANK YOU! I had searched and searched or party games for a police themed party! YOU DID IT! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas!

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