All Points Bulliten – Policy Party – Part 3 – Food

The kids and I always have a bunch of fun coming up with the food names for our parties. We typically have the same thing – fruit, veggies, olives, cheese, sausage, chips – it’s just what you call it that makes it more fun.

In fact, when N and I were discussing the food selection for the party I started listing off the various appetizers. When I got to olives it went like this:

N: How will the olives be served?

Me: In a bowl,  just like always.

N: No, Mom. How will they be?

Me: (very confused) They will be olives in a bowl.

N: But, Mom, the food always IS something. What will the olives be?

Me: (Finally understanding) Ahhhh! Ball and chains!

Such a proud Mom moment! Grin. So lets get to it, shall we?


  • Stolen Gold – Cheese cubes
  • Police Badges – Sunmer sausage
  • Ball and Chains – Black olives
  • Hand Cuffs – Funyuns
  • Cop Corn – Pop corn
  • Police Batons – grapes on a skewer
  • Greenback and Dip – Celery, Green peppers, broccoli, cucumber and dip

Police Party Food -

When I ordered new water bottles for the mini-steams they came in these perfect sized boxes to use as decoration on the appetizer table. N thought that we should have a police station and a jail. He painted both boxes and I cut out the jail bars.
Police station (with special gelato spoon radar added by N)Police Party Food -

Jail decoration.Police Party Food - NotYourNormalSteam.wordpress.comBeing that it was a police party, the dessert was a foregone conculsion. It had to be donuts! Which was perfect, no messing with cupcakes. And they are N’s favorite desert.Police Party Food - NotYourNormalSteam.wordpress.comDrinks:

  • Truth Serum – punch
  • Burglar Brew – iced tea
  • Prohibition Stockpile – beer (hey, the adults have to have a beverage too ya know)

Police Party Food -

Police Party Food - Police Party Food - Dinner:

Normally the party theme only goes as far as the appetizers, drinks and desserts. But N decided that he wanted tacos. And we thought we could probably come up with a police theme for that. And, what do ya know? We did!

  • Take out Tacos – um, yea tacos
  • Steak-out fajitas – flank steak fajitas
  • Pick-pocket de gallo – salsa
  • Grand Jury Guacamole
  • Slammer Sour Cream
  • Shredded evidence – cheese
  • Traffic Tickets – torrillas
  • Sarge’s Spanish Rice

Police Party Food -

Police Party Food -

Police Party Food -

And the food and donuts were a hit with all the party guests.

Police Party Food -

Police Party Food -

And last but not least, party games!!!

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