All Points Bulliten – Policy Party – Part 2 – Decorations

Decorating for this party was fairly minimal. We picked up some police crime tape and wrapped any surface we could. The kids sidewalk chalk worked great for doing some body outlines. N did all the posing and pointed the way to the party.

Police Decorations - NotYourNormalSteam.wordpress.comPolice Decorations -

I printed out a sign for the front door using free clip art I found on line.Police Decorations -

Again, more crime scene tape.Police Decorations -

As soon as you walked in the front door the kids were welcomed to their police kitsPolice Decorations -

Each kid got to grab a bag of police badge crayons before they left. The mini steams helped make these about a week before the party. They were super easy and lots of fun.Police Decorations -

Their police kit contained a ticket book, police pencil, police sun glasses, police hat. Throughout the party they ended up finding more evidence including their police badge & ID, stolen gold, and a police dog.Police Decorations -

The only ohter decorations we had were a bunch of police shields hung in various spots in the house.Police Decorations -

But, the lack of decorations was totally made up for by the food and games! Stay tuned for the next episode.

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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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2 Responses to All Points Bulliten – Policy Party – Part 2 – Decorations

  1. I am enjoying your party ideas and decorations etc. My granddaughter is having a Robin Hood / Maid Marion party at the end of May and I am scouting for ideas! My job is to create the costume. Where do you come up with your great ideas???

    • I use Pinterest! A LOT!!!!!! I create a board specifically for that party and pin ideas to that board. I search Pinterest and sometimes Google for the party theme. A lot of times I get good decoration ideas, but have a hard time finding food (that’s not dessert/candy) so I specifically search “Robin Hood Party Food” or “Robin Hood Party Games” That specific party I’d also search Peter Pan. Because the tinker bell and robin hood costumes are pretty similar. I could see a felt tunic & robin hood hat, and then for Marion a princess pointy (the tall cone hats) hat from felt with netting draping from the top and even possibly yarn braid. There is a great post on IKAT BAG on how to make a PVC pipe bow and arrow too!

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