Triple Quilting Challenge – Part 7 Fill

I haven’t had a chance to work on my whole cloth quilt. I have been busy with a week of long arm classes, getting both N and Ms M ready for school, and getting ready for N’s Police Birthday party. Phew.

But I just got news that there are some more Quilt of Valor quilts that need to be finished. So it’s time to get my whole cloth finished! Here’s where I ended. All the motifs, painting and feathers are done. I just need to add some fill.
Whole Cloth Challenge -
I wanted to use three different fill patterns: one in the center medallion, one in the corner blocks, and one in the outer border. I couldn’t decide what patterns to use, and that is also part of why I haven’t finished. But, shesh, I need to jump and pick some.

So, I sat down at the machine and just went for it. For the center medallion I decided to  use my favorite – a paisley. I had wanted to try something new. But, going with a tried and true pattern got me started.
20140831-195225.jpgIn the corner blocks I ended up using pebbles. Pebbles are super popular right now in modern quilting. They give GREAT texture, but to me they are so tedious to stitch. But I figured there wasn’t much space in those corner blocks and could probably finish before I got bored.

In the outer border I really wanted to try some McTavishing. I have been practicing every chance I get in my sketch book or, eh hem, my work notes. But there just really isn’t enough room between the leaves and tendrils for McTavishing. So, I decided to go with some echoing. My echoing needs work, and what better place to practice, right?
Echo fill
echo fillI finished all of the medalion and corner blocks, but I still have 3 of the borders to finish up. I am hoping to be able to finish those up tomorrow. Then to figure out binding.

Whole Cloth Quilt Design Process:


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