Triple Quilting Challenge – New Thread & DIY Spool Holder for a Gammill

One thing my co-workers know is never trust me if I give you a number. I always start running thru the list and then come up with more. More things we have to fix. More uses for a tool. More whatever. And, yes, I did it with this quilt.

Yes I told you that I had three challenges on this quilt. My first:

  1. Whole cloth
  2. Painted quilt
  3. Use of high contrast thread for quilting.

Yea, well. There are two more. (Trust me this time? I wouldn’t. There will probably be more. There always is!)

A) It is the first time I have tried using a double layer of batting. I have read lots of blogs where quilters do that to get more loft. And I wanted to see how it looked.

B) Have only used Superior Thread Omni on Millie. Now that I am more comfortable with her, I wanted to try out some of the other wonderful threads that are out there. Besides the fill that I want to do is going to be pretty tight. So I thought it would be good to use one of the thinner threads. So I ordered some Bottom Line from Superior to use in both the top and bobbin.

Only one problem. The size I ordered came on a spool, not a cone. I don’t have a spool holder for Millie. And the spool doesn’t fit on my cone holder. Now what?!

So I reached out to a friend who also has a Gammill and asked her what she does. She was a huge help. Between her response and a bunch of Google searches I came up with a solution.

It turns out that Gammill makes a double spool holder that mounts to the vertical rod on the of sewing head. However, I really didn’t want to order one. What if I didn’t like the thread? Then I’d have just spent money on a tool I wouldn’t use. And frankly, I barely had the patience to wait for the thread to show up. Waiting for a spool holder might send me over the edge!!!! Can’t have that now, can we?!

This is what I came up with.

DIY Horizontal thread mount for a Gammill DIY Horizontal thread mount for a GammillI took off the laser pointer. I remove the laser from the mount and rod. I put the rod back on the machine at the back, as it was too big a diameter for the spool. But I did use the laser mount and put that on the top post of the machine.

I tried several different ideas for the horizontal bar. My friend suggested the center post from my spool holder. But I couldn’t get that to come out. The laser rod was too thick as I already stated. The thread guide from my spool holder was too thin. I finally found a dowel rod that was just the right diameter.

I snagged the spool caps from Bernie to hold the spool in place. I never use them because Bernie always is fed from the spool holder.

It holds the spool nicely. Right now I have modify the tension. But I think this might just work. I’ll be back in a few days to let you know!

Whole Cloth Quilt Design Process:


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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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