Tree Skirts: Concept to Completion – Step 1 Concept

So I am trying to stay true to my process pledge. Yesterday I shared with you the design / thought process for coming up with the quilting for Pansy Park. That quilt was 10 years in the making.

My current project hasn’t been simmering for that long, only 2 years. Christmas Tree Skirts! Both the mini-Steams and I love to decorate for Christmas. And the mini-Steams love it when I make things for them (thank goodness!). So homemade tree skirts would be prefect.

For a few years I have been collecting tree skirt pins. The board used to have about 50 pins but I removed all but the ones that made it to the final round.

I wanted to make 4 skirts. 1 for each of the mini-Steams, one for our family room tree, and one for the tree in the craft cave.

Then ones for the mini-Steams needed to be kid friendly and capture the personalities of each child, but still be timeless enough to last the kids until they grew up and have their own tree.

The skirts for the family room needed to be elegant. The skirt for the craft cave needed to really reflect my favorite aspects of quilting.

With those thoughts in mind I narrowed down the skirts down to the finalists.

N’s Tree skirt

N shares Mr. Steam’s love of trains. And he has VERY strong opinions about his favorite trains. He and I looked thru the tree skirt pins and he narrowed it down to two that he liked.

The skirt on the left is a sweet toy train skirt from Monkey’s in My Pocket. The one on the left is a retired pattern. Frankly I was surprised he liked that one. I was sure he would love the train one. But then I realized it had toy trains instead of REAL trains. I told him I could make it with his favorite REAL trains and he was sold. Train Skirt it was!
Train Tree SkirtLog Cabin Tree Skirt15 space
M’s Tree Skirt

There really was no question about M’s skirt. There were several different patters that I love that featured a repeating triangle tree. And I had to do one skirt with that concept. And, this skirt from the Moda Bakeshop fit the bill perfectly. M loves all things pink and purple. So if I made all the presents from pink and purple scraps I knew she would love it.Triangle Tree Skirt

My Tree Skirts

I LOVE star blocks. I am drawn to them. Quilt after quilt I pin are different variations of star blocks. I also LOVE applique. And my favorite Christmas motif is holly leaves and berries. So it wasn’t surprising that I kept coming back to these three skirts. I love all of them. And it was really hard to pick.

The family room tree was going to get all the presents so it didn’t make sense to make that skirt have a lot of detail. And I just love the simplicity of the right skirt. Plus, N really loves it too. So that was a winner.

The skirt for the craft cave was a little harder. But in the end the left hand skirt, an out of print pattern by Plum Tree quilts, won. Mostly because I LOVE appliqued vine patterns and I haven’t ever tried it.

Holly Applique Tree SkirtHolly Tree SkirtLog Cabin Tree Skirt15 space

So now the skirts have been selected. Its time to start finalizing designs and selecting fabrics!


Train Tree Skirt links:


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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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