Wishing you a Very Minion Christmas

The Mini Steams love to decorate their trees. And they (much like their Mommy) love to get ornaments.

This year the kids are getting a bunch of ornaments. Along with the annual ornament (I’ll post that later) and the yearly photo ornament they are getting a few more.

I found some

So Ms M needed her ornament count to be equaled out. And Ms M loves minions. I was going to make her some peg people ornaments. But they take quite a bit of time, which I was fast running out of. But, glitter ornaments like the Santa ornament are SUPER fast. And I knew I had some yellow and purple glitter hanging our from a project a few years ago. And I had 2 plain glass ball ornaments left over. PERFECT!

I didn’t take pictures of the process but here’s how they went together.

  1. Color the ornaments with glitter (instructions)
  2. Cut goggle strap 1/4″ and long enough to cover the whole equator of the ornament from from black vinyl. Place on equator of both ornaments.
  3. Cut whites out of white vinyl. I used my Cuttlebug and Nestabilities circles. But you could use a circle template or a compass. Cut 3. Do not place just yet.
  4. The goggles are silver paper that I backed with a sheet of Terrifically Tacky Tape. Those also were cut with the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities.
  5. For the both ornaments, place the eye over the seam of the goggle strap. Place the goggle so it’s centered on the eye. You are done with the eyes for the one eyed Minion.
  6. For the 2 eyed Minion, place the 2nd goggle next to the 1st. Then center the eye inside the goggle.
  7. Cut the eye from some green, blue or brown paper that has been backed by Terrifically Tacky Tape. Put them looking in the direction you want the Minion to look.
  8. Cut the black part of the eye with a hole punch. Place that in the center of the iris.
  9. For the purple minion mouth I cut random jagged shapes from white vinyl and placed them in a grin.
  10. For the yellow minion mouth I cut an oval and drew on the teeth with a permanent thin line marker.
  11. For the minion heair I cut purple yarn to 2-3″ lengths and glued to the ornament hanger using fabri-tac.

About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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