Sesame Street Party Favors

I think the favors were my favorite part of M’s Sesame Street Party. I got lots of inspiration from… wait for it… wait for it…. PINTEREST. I know you are SHOCKED! I should have told you to sit down first.

I have to say that I really got my money’s worth out of the Sesame Street Cricut cartridge. I used it for EVERYTHING!!!! For the favors I used a lot of vinyl. For the white, black and brown I used shelf liner that I bought by the roll at the hardware store. Its soooo much cheaper than buying vinyl by the sheet. And it seems to work just fine for all my projects I have done so far. The pink, red and orange I got at a Car Show. Yep. No seriously I am not kidding. There was a booth selling custom cut vinyl decals for your car. I asked if I could buy just some sheets of the vinyl. We haggled a little on the price. In the end I paid just about the same as I would have on line, but I didn’t have to wait to get it.

The favor buckets and bubbles both came from a party supply store.  The cups were from Target. All three got got faces cut out of vinyl. The great part for these was once the face file was set up in Cricut Craft Room all I had to do was re-size the face for the different objects and start cutting. So cutting all the vinyl only took me one night.

Not Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street FavorsNot Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street Favors

Not Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street Favors

Each bucket also included 3 snack bags. Elmo’s Fish, Oscar’s Worms, & Cookies. The street signs were cut out of card stock and attached to zip top bags with double sticky tape (actually I used the pink terrifically tacky tape, ’cause I didn’t want those babies to come off).

Not Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street Favors

What’s great about these favors is they were able to act as part of the party decorations.
Not Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street Decorations and Favors

Not Your Normal Steam - Sesame Street Decorations and Favors15 spaceAnd the whole ensemble was easy on the budget – total cost per child $4.83!

  • Favor buckets – $1.00 ea
  • Bubbles – $0.50 ea
  • Cups – 4 for $3.00 = $0.75 ea
  • Gummy worms – $3.50 for 12 kids = $0.88 ea
  • Gold Fish – $3.50 for 12 kids = $0.88 ea
  • Vinyl $10 for 12 kids = $0.88 ea


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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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12 Responses to Sesame Street Party Favors

  1. Tricia says:

    Is there any way to share how you made the faces using Cricut? i’ve spent HOURS after spending the money on Sesame Street Friends trying to figure out how to cut the faces without cutting the entire body. Any advice is appreciated!

    • Actually I never ended up figuring that out either. For the favors and the decorations I just cut out the mouth, eyes, tongues and noses. Then I put them on a background (bubbles, bucket or paper) that was the color of the character. The parts of the face are on different layers. I also used the hide cutout feature in Craftroom A LOT.

      So for example for Elmo’s: To make his mouth, I placed the body from the body/white tab (which includes a cutout for the mouth) and I hide everything that wasn’t the mouth. They eyes are on the body/white tab, you have to hit the shift to get them. His nose is on the Layer1/Layer2 tab. For the blacks of the eyes I just used a circle from the Craft room basics cartridge. That’s how most of the characters were. I hope this helps.

      • Tricia says:

        It DOES help! it’s the “hide cutout” that I didn’t know existed! THANK YOU. I’ll go try to figure out how to hide cutout and that should solve my migraine for the day.

      • The hide cutout is AWESOME. You are going to love it. Click your image. There will be a icon below it that says hide cut out. I usually zoom into my image pretty tight. Hover over the lines that you do NOT want to cut. They will turn RED. When they are red click on them. Then they will turn light grey. Only the black lines will cut. The light grey ones will not. Getting all the little detail parts can be a pain, which is why I zoom in.

        I also use this feature when I want to take some of the details out of a image with really small parts.

  2. Tricia says:

    I just cut out all the eyes! onto the rest now. Seriously, you saved me!!! Thank you so much!

  3. Kyaire says:

    Where do I find those party pails at ?

  4. Ashley says:

    Hello! For some reason my vinyl is not stinking! I have no clue what I’m doing wrong!

    • Hmmm. I am trying to remember back what i did. I am pretty sure that I cleaned the buckets and bubbles. But i dint remember what I used to clean them. Most plastic molding operations put a release agent on and this is probably the issue. But you have to be careful because some cleaners might melt the plastic. So what ever you try make sure you try it on a small spot first. I am betting that i used rubbing alcohol, but i can’t remember for sure.

  5. Veronica Barraza says:

    Hello, i love your buckets. I was wondering do you customize orders? I have the buckets already im just looking for the vinyl stickets, what’s your price?

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