Love Cabin – Filler Quilting Patterns

I hadn’t really thought about how hard it would be to come up with 15 different filler quilting patterns. Sure I can come up with about 10 different meander variations, but that wasn’t the point I wanted to have filler patterns that I hadn’t used before. And let me tell ya, that was more of a challenge than I thought.

I am really impatient and hate to practice. I would much rather just go do it and let the kinks work themselves out as I go. In large part that’s why I wanted to do this as a sampler. It would let me “practice” without having to put some muslin on Millie.

But some of the filler patterns that I did turned out completely unrecognizable. They look fine on the quilt. But they don’t look ANYTHING like what they are supposed to. So now I know I need to practice those some before I try them again.

Here are some of the blocks that I am really happy with:

Left – Cross hatching. I don’t have an extended throat plate yet. So extensive ruler work is out of the question. But this wasn’t too bad to do with out the extender.

Right – Loops. I haven’t used this pattern that often. But I may start using it more. It’s seems so lacy and happy.
Fill - Cross Hatching Fill - Loops15 space
Left – Echos. I love how echos look, but I am afraid I am going to need some more practice.

Right – Water. I have used this fill pattern before and I really like it. I have used it to represent water, done more loosely to represent air, and done vertically to represent bark.
Fill - Echo Fill - water15 space
Left – Every which wavy. I love this pattern. It’s very forgiving and lets you move around very awkward spaces.

Right – Basic stipple. I swore after doing the blue Irish chain that I’d never do stipple again. But, sometimes you just can’t beat it.
Fill - Every Which Wavy Fill - stipple 15 space
Left – Swirls. I have never used this on a quilt before, but I am pretty sure I will be using it now. What a fun pattern. This one I did practice on paper until I got the hang of it.

Right – Tear drops. I have also never done this one before but have wanted to. It is very easy to use. And gives nice texture and curves.
Fill - Spirals Fill - Tear drops15 space

Left – Meander leaves. I know I said I didn’t want to do 15 different meander patterns, but I felt that on shape meander would be good to have in the sampler.

Right – Pebbles. I know the picture is lousy, but trust me it’s pebbles. I know pebbles are REALLY popular right now. But I was pretty sure they would take forever and I was right. DANG did they take a long time. I am glad I did them on a block that didn’t have much white space.
Fill - leaf meander Fill - pebbles15 space

Left – Lines and circles. I am in LOVE with this. It was super easy to do and looks great.

Right – Square meander. This one was HARD for me to do. There is a square at the end of each line. And that square determines what direction the line goes. So I had to talk in my head which direction I needed to go and talk myself thru it. You can see there are a couple of places where I messed up. I doubt I’ll use this one that much, but can see where there would be certain places I’d use it.
Fill - Lines and circles Fill - Square meander15 space

Phew! That was a lot of fill patterns. And yest if you are counting there are 15 blocks on Love Cabin and only 12 fill patterns. And NO I will not show you the other 3.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you the sashing patterns that I used.


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