New Tradition our New(ish) Family on the New Year

Do you have New Year traditions? I don’t remember celebrating New Years much as a child. I do remember very vividly many other holidays, but not New Years.  I am not saying we didn’t celebrate them. But I sure don’t remember them.

One of the nice things about that is Mr. Steam and I got to start our own traditions from scratch. Our traditions have nothing to do with waiting up until midnight to welcome in the new year. To us that just seems crazy because our kids don’t realize it’s the new year and get up just like normal at 6:30.

No our tradition is all about New Years day itself.

Yep. Food. Are you surprised?

For the last four years we pick some type of ethnic food that is labor intensive and cook ALL DAY! Its great.

Three of those years we made Cornish pasties. The are very common in Northern Wisconsin. The only problem are the recipes are closely guarded family secrets. And neither Mr. Steam or I have family in northern Wisconsin.  But…. I do have a good friend (who shall remain nameless to protect her from her family) who as willing to share her family recipe as long as I kept the secret. What I can tell you is the recipe makes a RIDICULOUS amount of food. When I say ridiculous try 20 pies!! But the great thing is they freeze really well and we have a chest freezer so we get to enjoy them thru the whole year.

Cornish Pasties

One year we made tamales. We used Rick Bayless’ recipe. And they were delicious. But I failed to take any pictures of them. Darn it!

Who knows what we will make this year.

Polish Perogies?

Chines Egg Rolls?

Syrian Fatayer (meat pies)?

Or even a breadth of Greek food – Patsitsio, Moussaka, and Spanakopita?

Maybe well stay with Mr. Steams favorite and make Cornish Pasties.

What ever your traditions are, have a great New Year!!!


About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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2 Responses to New Tradition our New(ish) Family on the New Year

  1. Ah, I so want to eat at your house….

    We did not really have any New Years traditions when I was growing up that I really remember either…. As I got older…and could do more…then I would find a party sometimes….but, usually I spend them at home…in the quite….Usually by myself with a small toast to the New Year….it was pretty nice.

    After hubby and I got married….we would just toast in the New Year at 11 our time with New York…and head to bed….(exciting bunch aren’t we?…LOL) But, last year…the kids started to understand that one year was ending…and another beginning….so, we made a little party on New Years Eve day…then had a great lunch on New Years Day….

    So this year I think I am going to do the same thing….having just moved…and life a bit crazy…it did not come to me till this morning…that this would be a good thing to repeat…duh! But, here in a few…we are going to go to the store…buy some fun food and snacks and drinks….some silly hats and a few decorations…(might have some…but, um, could not tell you which box they were in if I do…ha)…. This I think is going to become our New Years tradition….so we party in the day….kids go to bed at a normal time…and New Years day….we will eat a great meal….with black-eyed peas (got to eat those for good luck ya know)…LOL!!! Actually Ham, cornbread, and black-eyed peas….pretty standard fare here on New Years day!!!!

    Does not change the fact that I want to eat at your house…LOL!!!

    Happy New Year Steam!!!

    • That sounds like a great tradition! We are going to a party tonight that celebrates Midnight in Munich (5 pm Wisconsin time) with a live polka band and a toast at 5pm. If its fun it may be our new New Years tradition.

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