All That Glitters is a Santa Ornament!

29 days until ChristmasAs you learned in my previous posts every year I make an ornament to give to the “kids” in our family. The tradition started 20 years ago. So some of those “kids” are now kids only in spirit.

Each year the ornament is completely different from the year before. You would think that would make it super hard for me to come up with ideas. Au contraire its actually quite the opposite. Each year I have more and more ideas of what I want to make and its super hard to decide what I want to make.

And big surprise, Pinterest is not helping with that dilemma!

This year I have actually decided to make 3 different ornaments. I’ll show you the first one today.

These glitter ornaments are ALL over Pinterest and I LOVE THEM!!!!

Santa glitter ornament

There are tons of great tutorials out there and I have two linked at the bottom of this post. So I am not going to give you a step by step. But I will tell you a few things I learned.

Painful lessons:

  • Absolutely make sure you clean your ornaments out with alcohol! I haven’t done that in the past when using these clear glass balls and decided that it wasn’t needed. I was WRONG! I ended up wrecking several ornaments. They looked great right after I made them, but the next day 1/2 the glitter fell off. Believe me, take the time to rinse then out and let them dry completely. I recommend overnight.
  • The Pledge Floor Polish with Future Shine DOES absolutely work like a charm! I was totally skeptical, but am now a believer. Be sure to have a rag ready to wipe off the outside of the ornament if any spills or you will have a permanent drip on your ornament.
  • You want to use superfine or fine glitter. If you use coarse glitter it doesn’t look as good. But do not use ULTRA fine glitter. I have some and it clumped really bad.
  • This is an ornament best make in mass quantities. If you set up an assembly process you can whip out a couple dozen in three 1 hr sessions. Session 1 – Alcohol rinse. Session 2 – Floor Polish & Glitter. Session 3 – Outside decorations.
  • The tutorial on So Not Betty! has you mark with a pen on the back of the paper buckle. I found it much easier to use one of my clear quilting rulers and an Exacto knife instead of marking each buckle.
  • I ended up using Terrifically Tacky Tape to mount the ribbon. I really wanted to make sure the ribbon would stay for years.
  • I heat sealed the ends of my ribbon in a candle flame so they wouldn’t fray over time.
  • For the Santa buttons I used vinyl that I cut out with my Cricut instead of paper.

I ended up making 2 dozen of these and couldn’t decide how I was going wrap these. But, So NOT Betty! had a great idea! So I took her leave and stamped some brown paper lunch bags, put some crinkle paper in the bottom to cushion the ornament. Then I punched 2 holes and tied them up with some red ribbon. I am super happy with how they turned out.

Santa glitter ornament and wrapping

If you make some I’d love to hear how they turned out.

Later this week I’ll be able to show you Ornament 2 & 3 for this year. As soon as they are done that is.



About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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3 Responses to All That Glitters is a Santa Ornament!

  1. Kelly O says:

    I think I have that one pinned. So cute! Can I be your cousin?

  2. chanda says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Yours turned out great! I didn’t have any problem with the glitter falling off inside, but the rubbing alcohol is probably a great precaution. Hope your family members love them!

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