Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere (oh and spooky food too)!

This year was our 18th annual pumpkin carving party. (Let’s not think about how old that makes me. Em-kay?) I think it was also our best ever pumpkin carving party. Spooky food, laughing kids, good friends and pumpkin guts! I ask you.. does it get any better?  Nope, I didn’t think so either!

First we got down to some serious gutting. Really, if my hands didn’t have so much pumpkin guts on them I would have taken better pictures. But have you ever tried taking pictures while trying not to get orange goo on your camera? I can tell you, it’s a challenge.

pumpkin carving partypumpkin carving party

Next the carving began. The little ones used stickers and paint on their pumpkins. I didn’t get any pictures of this. By then the orange goo was up to my elbows and there was no avoiding goo-a-fying my camera.

And finally there was the spooky food. Lots and lots of spooky food.

Appetizers included:

  • Deviled Egg Eyeballs – regular deviled eggs with 1/2 a green olive for the eye. These took about 1/2 hr including egg cooking & peeling time. But while the eggs were cooking I made the fruit pumpkin. If you put your egg yolk mixture & mayo in a zip top bag you can mix / mush everything, then snip a corner to fill the eggs. Easy peasy.
  • Mozzarella eyeballs – fresh mozzarella balls with 1/2 a green olive for the eye (hey, I already had the olives so why not?). Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with dried basil. These seriously took 5 min.
  • Blood and bones – Pillsbury bread sticks cut a 1″ slit on each end of the bread stick. Roll the slit parts back on themselves to make the knobs for the bones. Jarred (or homemade) spaghetti sauce. I made the night before.
  • Apple nachos – Slices apples tossed in lemon juice. Drizzle chocolate & caramel sauces. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips & chopped peanuts. A whole 10 min to make these babies!
  • Fruit pumpkin – Orange sections for the pumpkin, red seedless grapes for the mouth & eyes, celery stick for the stem. The hardest part of this was peeling the oranges. Clementines would have worked way better, but all I could find were navel oranges. 15 min
  • Batty cheese – just use spooky cookie cutters to cut shapes out of sliced cheese. 15 min

pumpkin carving party

pumpkin carving party - Deviled Eyeballspumpkin carving party - Mozzerella Eyeballs

Pumpkin carving party - apple nachosPumpkin carving party - blood and bones

Dinner was just as easy. We had an Italian sausage bar.  I threw the sausages in a crock pot in the morning layered with sliced peppers and onions and put in a large can of diced tomatoes. 8 hrs later – Viola – Sausages.  They were served right in the crock with a varity of condiments:

  • Gratted mozzarella cheese
  • Giardiniera
  • Sliced pickled banana peppers
  • Peperioncini

There was a green salad and potato salad to go with the sausages.

The cupcakes were also made the night before. N helped both with making the cupcakes, making the frosting and decorating them. I am so glad that he is learning that part of the fun of having a party is getting ready for it.

  • Spiky monsters – chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting. Decorated with candy corn, pink mints, and a bit of white frosting to “glue” on the eye candy. I found my eyes at my local craft shop.
  • Glaring monsters – chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I put crushed Oreos in a small bowl, turned the cupcake upside down and rocked it in the Oreos until covered. Then pushed 2 matching M&Ms into the frosting for their eyes. ***WARNING*** These cupcakes will glare and judge you every time you open the refrigerator. Just sayin’.
  • Eyeballs – yellow cake and butter cream frosting. I used store bought red gel frosting for the bloody veins. The eye is a gummy Lifesaver with a chocolate chip inside. The gummy had to be stretched out some to fit the chocolate chip. Luckily N has lots of patience for a 5 year old and he did all of the stretching – chocolate chip inserting.
  • Vampire bites – yellow cake and butter cream frosting. N used a chopstick to poke the teeth holes. Then used the red gel to make the “blood” dripping out.

Pumpking carving party - Monster CupcakesPumpking carving party - Eyeball and Vampire bite Cupcakes

And now for the grand reveal!!!! The punkins themselves!!!

Of course with the huge superhero kick N has been on we had to make a Spider Man and Bat Man pumpkin. Do you think he likes them?
Pumpkin Carving partyPumpkin Carving party



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I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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