Superhero Training Camp – The training plan

Now for the icing on the cake… the training camp itself. I am really not sure who had more fun – the kids or the parents. The kids squealed more, but the parents laughed more!

Part 1 – Craft – Create a superhero scene

I really like doing a craft as a starter activity for the kids. For one it keeps the kids busy while waiting for everyone to show up. It also is a great way for kids to get warmed up to each other. Even kids who play together regularly often need at least a few minutes to get in the swing of things.

The craft for this party was creating a superhero scene. I used my Paper Doll Dress up Cricut cartridge to cut out cities, super hero cars & ships, super heroes, capes, superhero suits, hair, masks, and other superhero accessories. Each kid got a blue piece of paper to build their scene. Each kid got a glue stick and the went to town, or in this case, made a town.

Superhero Training Camp - The training plan

When the kids got done creating their scene I had them gather together and gave them the intro spiel:

Do you all know why you are here? You are here to be trained as super heroes. Do you think you can be a super hero? Ok well lets see.

Part 2 – Jumping over a building in a single bound

We all know that real super heroes jump over buildings in a single bound. Which means that super heroes in training have to as well.

Our buildings were diaper boxes that I spay painted grey and then put yellow duck tape for windows.

Superhero Training Camp - The training plan

Task 2 Script:

Ok, here is your 1st test. All super heroes have to be able to jump over a building. Can you jump over a building?

Part 3 – Preventing party destruction

As the kids were jumping over the buildings Dr. Kaboom (my wonderful sister dressed up in a bad guy costume) came in and tried to prevent the future super heroes from graduating by throwing “bombs.”

The Super Heroes in training had to pop the balloons before they detonated.

There aren’t any good pictures of this because all the adults were laughing to hard!

Superhero Training Camp - The training planTask 3 Script:

Dr Kaboom: I can’t have more super heroes around here! That will keep me from my evil deeds!! I have brought bombs to stop you!!

Training Coordinator: Super heroes you have to detonate the bombs before they explode. Quick pop the balloons! Sit on them or jump on them! Quick, quick!

Training Coordinator – After popping all the bombs: Now that you have passed your first challenge you can have the first part of your super hero costume.

The kids picked out either a Bat Man or Spider Man cape. The superhero costumes the kids got also served as their favor.

Superhero Training Camp - The training planSuperhero Training Camp - The training plan

Part 4 – Running faster than a speeding bullet

Again it common knowledge that super heroes have to be able to run faster than a speeding bullet. And so did these super heroes in training.

This challenge had no materials to set up. Just set the kids running. I had planned on pairing up the trainees and having them race. But when I got done with the script they all just started running. That worked just fine for me!

Superhero Training Camp - The training plan

Task 4 Script:

Do you know what else super heroes have to be able to do? Well, they have to be able to run REALLY fast!

Part 5 – “Foiling” Dr Kaboom’s plans

After the kids got done running like, well, like kids. Dr Kaboom came back for a second visit.

This time Dr Kaboom brought Kryptonite, which was just balled up aluminum foil. We made 2 for each child. I also made a bio hazard box for the kids to deposit the Kryptonite. for the box I just printed out bio hazard symbols on the side of a spare box and cut a hole in the top.

Superhero Training Camp - The training plan

Task 5 Script:

Dr Kaboom: You “foiled” my plans the 1st time! But I am back to try and stop you again! This time I brought Kryptonite! Take this you super heroes!

Training Coordinator: Super heroes, that Kryptonite is dangerous! Quick pick it up and put it in this bio hazard box!

Part 6 – Knocking down the bad guys

The last challenge the kids had to pass was knocking down bad guys with Captain America’s shield.

I made the shield from a white Frisbee we had hanging around. I used red duct tape and blue and white paper to make the shield.

The bad guys were printed out and taped to plastic cups. The cups were stacked in a pyramid for the kids to knock over.

After they passed their test they got the mask for their super hero costume. They got either a Bat Man or Spider Man mask to match their cape.

Superhero Training Camp - The training planSuperhero Training Camp - The training plan

Task 6 Script:

Super heroes sometimes you have to face more than one bad guy at a time. That is when Captain America’s shield can really help you out.  Throw this shield and see how many bad guys you can knock down!

Training Coordinator – After all the kids knocked down the cups: Now that you have passed this challenge you can get your super hero mask. You mask is the most important part of your costume as it will protect your identity.

Superhero Training camp - training plan

Part 7 – Graduation

To give the parents a chance for a photo op with each kid they were all called back to the patio where we had our graduation ceremony. Each child was called into the phone booth. When they came out they had their super hero badge read to them.

I printed out the badges on the computer. I laminated them in badge holders from an office supply store using my iron. Each kid got a super hero power and hideout that went along with their personality.

Superhero Training Camp - The training planSuperhero Training Camp - The training plan

Super Hero Training Camp - training planPart 7 Script:

<Child’s Name> come out. <Read super power and hideout> Congratulations at passing all your super hero tests. You are now an official superhero. <Place badge over child’s neck.>

Part 8 – Vanquishing the bad guys

There was one last activity for the now official superheros. There were pictures of bad guys hung from the garden fence and trees. And they had to vanquish them with silly string.

Super Hero Training Camp - training planSuper Hero Training Camp - training plan

Task 8 Script:

Now that you are all Super heroes it is important that you protect the world from bad guys. There are bad guys everywhere. You must vanquish the bad guys for once and for all. Take this silly string and find all the bad guys in the yard and vanquish them!!!

The party favors

The super hero costumes were also the party favor. Each kid got a cape, mask, badge, and a super hero sucker. I made all the costume components so it kept the price very low, the trade of was it took more time. But since crafting keeps me from going crazy, I felt it was a good trade off.

  • Cape – felt – aprox. $5 / yard and I got 2 capes per yard – $2.50 per cape about 1 hr per cape
  • Mask – felt – $1.50 for 2 sheets and I got 3 masks from that – $0.50 per mask about 1/2 hr per mask
  • ID badge – $12 for 25 – $0.50 per badge about 5 min per badge
  • Sucker – $3 for 22 suckers – $0.20 per sucker about 5 min per sucker
  • Total per kid – under $5 and just under 2 hrs


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  1. Jessica says:

    Glad you liked the superhero masks! How fun!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hello, wondering if the PDF for the badges is still available. Nothing happens when I click the link.

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