Setting the Scene for a Superhero Training Camp

I have been planning for this party in my head for a LOOOOOOOONG time. And there are so many great ideas out there for superhero parties. The planning for this party was probably more deciding what NOT to do, that what TO do.

This was by far my favorite party so far. Hm, seems like I say that for each party. Oh well. At least I am having fun each time, right?

You saw the invite right? So now on to my favorite part – DECORATIONS!!!!

For me one of the important parts of a party is to set the stage. I know that its really popular right now to focus on a dessert table and spend the majority of your effort on that table. It looks gorgeous in blog pictures. And if that works for you great! But I really like to make sure that guest have the sense of the party everywhere they go.

The great thing about superhero logos is they are instantly recognizable. And I thought it would be really cool to have them posted all over the house. But how the heck was I going to do that? Hm, thinking, thinking… AH HA!!!

What if I wrapped my big pictures in the house in superhero logos?! OH HECK YEA!  Enter two of my favorite party decoration tricks. 1) Bulletin board paper and 2) Computer projector.

So for example to make the Superman I projected the logo on to the yellow paper and traced just the diamond shape. Then on the red paper I traced the diamond and the S. I cut them out with my Exacto knife. I wrapped one of my big pictures in Blue paper and then glued on the yellow and then the red. And… VIOLA!
Superhero Training Camp Decorations

Then I simply kept going….

Superhero Training Camp DecorationsSuperhero Training Camp Decorations

For the outside ones I simply taped the picture onto some cardboard and then we taped them on to our shed doors.
Superhero Training Camp

I found this totally awesome pin of a montage of superhero images. I could not find the source. So I ended up using the images for a few more posters. Since then I have actually found the designer. He has AMAZING posters. And they have such a great texture. The artist name is the LinC.  He even has a store where you can buy prints, canvasas, and even phone covers of his work.  AWESOME!!!! (Wish I would have found this before!)

Superhero Training Camp DecorationsSuperhero Training Camp DecorationsSuperhero Training Camp Decorations

Spider Man was hung right in the front entry to provide a big pop as soon as the guests arrived.

That was also the perfect place to display the superhero Tootsie pops. For the sucker display I took a 2×4 drilled enough holes for the suckers and then spray painted it.  My mom brought over this picture of Super Pappa.  Isn’t that perfect?!
Superhero Training Camp DecorationsSuperhero Training Camp Decorations

And what superhero party would be complete without a phone booth??? Ours was made out of a refrigerator box that I spray painted red. I taped on white paper for the windows and used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the top.

Superhero Training Camp Decorations

And what would a party be with out FOOD!!!! You’ll have to wait for tomorrow for that though.


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