Never say Never – Bags!

I once made the statement that I would never sew bags. I am a quilter, not a sewer. So no bags thank you.

Er, yea. Then came the blog explosion and tons of cute tutorials and sewn bags all over the place. And came my two rug rats. Trying to manage getting 2 kids out of daycare with all their cool projects they made and the containers from the homemade baby food was a BIG challenge.

So I made my first bag. For my train lovin’ N the bag on the left was just the right size to put all his projects in. The basic bag pattern can be found on Skip to my Lou. It was a great starter bag. And the tutorial is easy to follow and has great pictures.

The bag on the right was for my food lovin’ M and the multitude of baby food containers. The pattern for this comes from Pink Penguin. Love that site. She has some really great tutorials. I love her fabric selections. This bag was the perfect size for carrying food for M.

Standard ToteLunch sack
Then it appeared I was hooked. I really don’t like buying pre-packaged snacks. They are so expensive and there is so much packaging that ends up in our landfills. And using zip top bags wasn’t much better. And lo, then there were about 6 (yes six, I said I was hooked!) snack bags. They were so much fun to make. And with the help of another Pink Penguin tutorial I even braved a *gasp* zipper!
Snack bagsnack bag

Then my kids both started using MY purse to play with. Ah, no. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my purse and it’s content without help thank you very much! So I decided it was time for a toddler purse. But once I made one, it turned into 4. 3 for M and one for her cousin.

The bag on the left was inspired by this Six Pocket Bag. I simply shrunk the dimensions to make it toddler size. The soda can helps show that yes indeed this is a SMALL bag.

The bag on the right was inspired by the tutorials on Getting Crafty and If I can do it, You can do it (isn’t that a GREAT blog name?). I have to say that both N and M love using these bags. And they have probably toted more hot wheels than doll clothes.
Toddler PurseToddler purse
Now I am going to be VERY careful about what I say I’ll never do! Don’t you want to try one of these? Then I won’t be alone with the bag bug! Please?



About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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One Response to Never say Never – Bags!

  1. ayumills says:

    All of your creations are amazing!! Thank you so much for letting me know that you used my tutorials! Now I am feeling like making a bag!!

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