Rockin’ Good Time

Remember the floor pillows for the twins from yesterday?

Why, yes Steam. How could we forget? It was yesterday after all.

Sigh. Ok ok. Well, what I forgot to mention is that the twins have the coolest big brother ever!!! So cool he rocks. No, literally he rocks. Z is the cutest little boy ever (after N of course) and he can seriously rock a drum set.  Of course he comes by it honestly from both his parents.

I couldn’t possibly send the twins their pillows without sending something for Z. And it had to be the perfect something.

Normally my response to this need would have been to research on Pinterest. But, wait! I already had THE PERFECT idea. Z was going to be starting school soon. What does every school kid need?


Well, yea. School kids need a backpack. Your right, but my sewing skills aren’t quite up to handling that just yet. So a tote bag will have to suffice. And I already had the perfect design in mind from Joan’s Daily stampede.

Uh, yea I know. You’re thinking “But Steam, this is a card, not a tote bag”

Again you are correct. But, when I started making cards I told all my quilty buddies that card making is just quilting with paper. So why can’t sewing be card making with fabric? Well, whatever. You get what I mean. Right? Eh. Just look at the pictures.

Rockin' Bag FrontRockin' Bag Back

When I do applique one of the first places I look is clip art. I love clip art for applique. Once I found the perfect guitar I started the hunt for fabric. I love the black fabric. It looked pretty rockin’ to me.  And the bag lining looked like stylized music.

What I couldn’t figure out was what I should do on the back of the bag. Sure, I could just leave it blank or repeat the applique, but what’s the fun in that? None I say!

So as I was sewing the guitars down and mulling over ideas for the other side of the bag, I stopped and checked my bobbin tension by looking at the backside of the applique. And was in awe at how cool the colored thread looked on the black fabric. PERFECT!!!! That was what the back was going to be. So I traced the guitars on some Golden Threads Quilting paper (LOVE that stuff!!!), pined it to the other bag piece and away I went.

I am super happy with how it turned out. (I have heard a rumor that Z likes it too).



About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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2 Responses to Rockin’ Good Time

  1. Natasha says:

    Love it! Love your blog posts so far!

  2. Thanks Tasha. This one was fun to write. And the bag was a blast to make.

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