Duck-a-Palooza – Part 3 Games

Although M’s favorite part was the food (the food is ALWAYS her favorite part. That girl can EAT!), the game were a huge hit with all the kids.

Since this was a party for a 2 year old the games need to be VERY unstructured and VERY simple.

I try to always do a craft at the party. I have found it works best to do the craft first before the kids get all wound up and start running around.  For this party I cut large ducks out and had the kids decorate them with jewels, feathers, and pom poms.  Er, did I say kids decorate? Silly me.. the adults got in on the action too!  Here’s my sis’ 20’s style flapper duck.  I am not sure who was more intense about the decorations M or my sister.

Decorate a duckDecorated duck

The next game is one of my favorites and have done some variation for just about every birthday party I have done. Pin the Eye on the duck. I get banner paper (also called bulletin board paper) at my local craft store then I draw (or in my case use a projector and trace) the image on the paper and use my craft paint to fill it in.  The duck eyes I cut out of construction paper and just put a loop of tape on the back.

M got the closest, but that’s ’cause she thought she could do better if she took off the blind fold.  Smart kid, must take after her mom!  I did feel bad for the duck, he looked really silly with all those eyes.

Pin the Eye on the DuckDuck hunt

I try to work the games so there is at least some game where the kids are running around.  It seems to help get them out of their shell and playing together.  I also try having the running around game last because there is no corralling them once they get started.  We did a duck hunt.  I hid about 3 dozen rubber ducks in the back yard.  The kids had to find them then run and throw them in the “Duck pond.” The kids loved it so much we ran the game 3 times until we ran out of hiding spots.

I would suggest that you count your ducks before they hatch, er no, before and after hiding them.  Poor Hubs is still finding them while mowing the grass.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the presents that I made for M. Trust me… you will want to see them.


About NotYourNormalSteam

I love to make things, food, paper, fabric, the medium doesn’t really matter. I am also an obsessive planner. The day after Christmas I am already working out plans for the next year.
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